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Three ways to save money and cut down on food waste before heading on holiday

Three ways to save money and cut down on food waste before heading on holidayEach year half a billion pounds-worth of edible food is thrown away by Brits heading off on holiday, with £12 million thrown away with food in the first week of the school summer holidays alone.

This is according to research carried out by sustainability campaigning group Hubbub, which has produced three simple steps to cut down on food waste and save money that could be put towards an extra drink by the pool.

Through polling used to create a new plan for a ‘Zero Food Waste Britain’ that Hubbub has developed with consumer goods giant Unilever and the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), it was discovered that there is a ‘significant knowledge gap’, with many unsure how to avoid food waste.

With this in mind, Hubbub has produced three #TravellersChecks to carry out before you go on holiday to make sure you’re not wasting any food:

  1. Check in with your freezer
  2. Check in with your neighbours
  3. Make yourself a lunchbox, or cook and freeze a homecoming meal

Earlier this month the Food Standards Agency, the government body that conducts research into food safety, found that too many people are wasting food because of misconceptions about the safety of freezing food. The body said that the freezer can be thought of as a ‘pause button’ for food you’re not going to get to.

During Hubbub’s research, 45 per cent of people polled said they threw food away because it couldn’t be frozen, but weren’t sure which foods actually can be frozen. 58 per cent didn’t realise you can freeze milk, 62 per cent ham, 63 per cent hard cheese.

Meanwhile, 81 per cent said that they would be happy to receive food from their neighbour but only 13 per cent of people said that they currently do this when going on holiday; and a further 26 per cent said that it had never occurred to them to do so.

Fresh messaging planned to target UK’s 10 million tonnes of food waste

The summer campaign, which is the first in a range of campaigns based on the five core principles of Hubbub’s Joint Ambition with Unilever, is being supported by a number organisations such as Talk Mobile, Smart Living and the Responsible Travel Company, which will be sending out messages and ideas to their customers as part of their holiday planning. 

As part of a competition, anyone who takes a selfie of themselves exchanging food with their neighbour ahead of the holidays and shares its on Instagram with #TravellersCheck will have a chance of winning a virtual reality phone and headset supplied by Talkmobile.

The Joint Ambition plan is hoping to bring together organisations from throughout the food supply chain, creating a ‘dynamic and broad coalition’ to tackle the issue of food waste at consumer, business and policy level through fresh messaging and engaging campaigns.

10 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK every year. Seven million tonnes of that comes from households, and 4.2 million tonnes of that is avoidable. Every year avoidable food waste in the UK costs £12.5 billion, as well as producing around 17 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

More about the Joint Ambition for a Zero Food Waste Britain can be found in Resource’s news story and more on the #TravellersCheck campaign can be found on the Hubbub website.

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