SUEZ launches ‘first digital marketplace for organic waste’ in France

Waste management giant SUEZ has announced the nationwide rollout in France of Organix, the ‘first digital marketplace for organic waste’ linking organic waste producers with biogas operators to facilitate energy recovery from such waste. 

SUEZ launches ‘first digital marketplace for organic waste’ in France
The digital platform – currently available in the northern regions of Brittany, Normandy and Pays de Loire – has been developed to provide a secure and simple way for organic waste producers, such as food industry manufacturers, and biogas facility operators across France to process transactions by the end of the year.

The facilitation of this connection between producers and operators aims to grease the wheels of waste recovery and the production of new organic energy sources to further the circular economy and aid the transition to cleaner energy at a local and regional scale.

The transaction process supported by the platform sees producers offer waste on the site with details on its quality and the nature of its flows. The biogas operator can then pay the stated price, in which case the transaction is processed immediately, or can initiate an auction process, at the end of which the producer can choose whether to accept or reject the best offers made.

For example, a producer can place a one-off listing for 300 tonnes of whey or 25 tonnes of apples that it is looking to dispose of, with details of its expected output at biogas sites (like anaerobic digestion) and the price it is looking for.

SUEZ launches ‘first digital marketplace for organic waste’ in France
A screenshot of the Organix digital platform. Producers upload organics waste with a price for buyers to choose from.
Through the platform, SUEZ will provide logistical and transportation support, as well as an audit and flows diagnosis of all producers to ensure the quality of materials for operators.

The service provided by Organix, which is a registered trademark, seeks to make it far easier for producers to find the right recovery channel for their waste and guarantee the source, quality, regulatory compliance and traceability of organic feedstocks for biogas operators.

Philippe Maillard, SUEZ’s Senior Executive Vice-President of Recycling & Recovery Europe and CEO of Recycling & Recovery France, says that through the development of the platform “SUEZ confirms its ambition to become the leader in smart and digital services for recycling and recovery”.

He added: “These innovative solutions take up the new challenges facing industry, businesses and local authorities, and they contribute to the concrete development of circular economy in our regions.”

The launch of Organix is the latest move in SUEZ’s attempts to digitalise its services in Europe and create simpler pathways for waste streams to find collection and reprocessing solutions with the group announcing a strategic partnership with Rubicon Global, a cloud-based waste and recycling company connecting waste collectors with waste producers dubbed the ‘Uber of trash’ by Forbes magazine, earlier this year.

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