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Sick lorry and little fish to teach children about waste issues

Two children’s books are being released to educate children about the issue of marine litter and the importance of careful recycling .

Waste Free Oceans is calling on sponsors for a book about the harmful effect of plastic in oceans, seas and on coastlines, Plastian the Little Fish, while waste management company Veolia is publishing Munch and the Funny Tummy, the story of a recycling vehicle that becomes sick after eating the wrong materials.

Plastian the Little Fish

Sick lorry and little fish to teach children about waste issues
'Plastian the Little Fish' was launched at the WFO 'Guardians of the Sea' conference at the European Parliament
Waste Free Oceans (WFO), a public-private foundation that aims to unite the fisheries sector, public authorities and the international plastics industry to combat marine litter, launched Plastian the Little Fish at its ‘Guardians of the Sea’ conference on Wednesday (14 October).

Created by Austrian primary school teacher Nicole Intemann, the book tells the story of a brother and sister who, with the help of Plastian and other sea creatures, learn about marine litter and construct a trawl to collect floating debris.

The story was originally written in German, but has been translated into English, French and Dutch. It aims to educate children aged five to 10 about the problem of and solutions to marine litter.

WFO is calling on sponsors for the project, and hopes to find between three and five paying sponsors per country to help with its development across Europe and the rest of the world. All of the author’s proceeds will be spent on fighting marine litter.

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Munch and the Funny Tummy

Sick lorry and little fish to teach children about waste issues
'Munch and the Funny Tummy' was written by recycling operatives Patrick Guihen and Sandro Keningale
Written by two recycling operatives from the City of Westminster, Munch and the Funny Tummy follows a recycling vehicle called Munch who gets sick after picking up the wrong materials put out for recycling.

The book is aimed at children in Key Stage 1 (five to seven year olds) with the intention of teaching them about the importance of recycling. Veolia is publishing the book, and has also produced a set of free supporting educational materials for teachers including a lesson plan, in-class story sheet, PowerPoint and ideas for in-class discussion.

Patrick Guihen and Sandro Keningale, an uncle and nephew who between them have worked for the company for over 50 years, came up with the idea of writing the book during their rounds in Central London.

Guihen, Foreman at Veolia, said: “Every day on our collection rounds in Westminster we meet different members of the public who are always so interested to learn more about their recycling.

“Sandro and I had the brainwave that it would be great to write a book that can help educate children about the importance of recycling. We hope the world falls in love with Munch as much as we did!”

Cllr Heather Acton, Westminster City Council Cabinet Member for Sustainability, said: “It is amazing to see two of our hard-working refuse collectors pass on their front-line experience to children in such a creative and entertaining way. We have ambitious recycling targets here in Westminster, so our next generation is so important in helping us achieve that and making our city an even better place to live.”

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