Scottish lighting company develops circular LED business model

Glasgow-based EGG Lighting has developed a new circular business model that could see businesses save on LED lighting, while reducing their carbon footprint.

For six months, EGG has been testing its circular economy business model with help from the Scottish logistics, construction and distribution specialists W H Malcolm. The trial has been supported by Zero Waste Scotland, the European Regional Development Funds and the Scottish Government.

Scottish lighting company develops circular LED business model
Brian O'Reilly, Managing Director of EGG Lighting.

EGG’s circular business model has introduced a new modular approach to lighting, which sees only the LED and driver parts replaced, leaving the rest of the unit in place. The company is also pioneering a ‘lighting as a service’ model that would see businesses continue to receive regular upgrades to the technology, but without having to replace the entire unit. This allows businesses to upgrade their LED technology without having to constantly pay for new lights and without having to dispose of the entire unit.

One of the main successes of the trial has been the use of dynamic zone control, which sees lighting adapt to how space is used, saving around 70 per cent on the running cost of lights.

In the UK some 48.5 per cent of lamps are recycled, with 6,132 tonnes of waste collected for recycling. Uptake of LED lighting is rapidly increasing as it is much more energy efficient and longer lasting than old fluorescent-style lights. However, waste levels are also increasing due to the technology advancing at a rapid rate, requiring businesses to making regular upgrades.

Commenting on the project, Iain Gulland, Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland, said: “Continuous innovation doesn’t have to mean continuous waste. By factoring future improvements into their designs, EGG Lighting is helping to make their product fit to last. Their work shows that cutting out waste and changing how we deliver services can deliver clear economic savings in the long run, with benefits for both the supplier and the customer.”

Brian O'Reilly, Managing Director, EGG Lighting, said: “Just as you get a new smartphone every year, so there are constant updates to lighting technology. But shelling out for the latest technology year on year is expensive to the end user and wasteful for the supplier. We want to give businesses the benefits of the latest technology without them having to upgrade their hardware. Zero Waste Scotland’s support has helped us prepare this technology for the market, and we’re looking forward to rolling it out to more clients.”

EGG’s trial of its new business model has received funding from the Circular Economy Investment Fund, which is part of the £73-million Resource Efficient Circular Economy Accelerator Programme, and represents but the latest example of the Scottish Government’s investment in circular economy initiatives across the country.

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