Ronald Britton and Futamura develop biodegradable glitter

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A new biodegradable glitter has been launched by glitter provider Ronald Britton using bioplastic packaging specialist Futamura’s Natureflex technology.

Cosmetic Bioglitter PURE is Ronald Britton’s response to media scrutiny over microplastics, working with Futamura to create a glitter that would safely biodegrade in the natural environment.

Ronald Britton and Futamura develop biodegradable glitter
Ronald Britton's Bioglitter PURE
Futamura has been making renewable and compostable NatureFlex films since 2003. All NatureFlex films are certified for home and industrial composting and are made from responsibly-sourced wood pulp. The films are available as transparent, coloured, metallised and matt and can be used for a variety of product applications, including coffee capsules, twist wrap and, of course, glitter.

Since the launch of Bioglitter SPARKLE in 2014, Ronald Britton has been looking to develop a formulation to guarantee a 100% plastic free glitter, with that dream becoming a reality in April 2019 at its launch of Bioglitter PURE. The product has even had recognition from renowned environmentalist, Sir David Attenborough, who wrote to Ronald Britton: “I am delighted to hear that you have developed a biodegradable glitter – and wish you every success with it.”

Bioglitter SPARKLE and Bioglitter PURE are designed for use in cosmetics and comply with all cosmetic and rinse-off legislation, including the use on lips in the US. Ronald Britton now also offers Bioglitter ranges suitable for coating, printing and craft decorative applications.

Consumers can be confident that they are purchasing genuine Bioglitter based products from an increasing number of brands, such as T-Zone, Primark and Monsoon Accessorize, licensed to use the instantly recognisable Bioglitter logo.
Commenting on the Bioglitter PURE, Dr Lucy Cowton, Product & Sustainability Manager at Futamura, said: “Futamura has worked closely with Ronald Britton for some time in the development of optimal grades using NatureFlex technology in their unique biodegradable glitter. In addition to a great product match, our companies share a mutual value for product integrity. It is very important to both Futamura and Ronald Britton that our products have independent accreditation. NatureFlex meets the European standard for industrial composting; EN13432 and is certified home compostable by TÜV Austria OK Compost HOME.”

Stephen Cotton, Commercial Director at Ronald Britton, added: “In addition to the NatureFlex certifications, we have independently tested our Bioglitter to prove it biodegrades well in natural environments and have achieved OK Biodegradable WATER accreditation by TUV Austria for our Bioglitter Pure product. Bioglitter Sparkle biodegradation is also well progressed in fresh water.”

For more information, the Ronald Britton and Futamura websites.