Romaquip’s Kerb-Sort offers quality product and operational efficiencies to councils

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Romaquip, market leaders in Kerb-Sort machines, is the manufacturer of choice to over 35 local authorities and private waste management companies.

We have achieved our market-leading status by creating a stylish, quality product designed to be the most efficient in the industry. Kerb-Sort machines are built in stainless steel, with highly robust standards of engineering to ensure our customers’ products will last 10 to 12 years and not change in their visual appearance during this time.Romaquip’s Kerb-Sort offers quality product and operational efficiencies to councils

With a 100 per cent guarantee to meet any delivery schedules we are presented with, we always achieve the highest collection capacities and payloads in the industry, combined with the lowest total life costs. Our guaranteed operational efficiencies also offer additional capacity to give you the flexibility to grow and expand your recycling services, without the need to purchase new vehicles. A further benefit of for our customers is that local authority residents associate new Romaquips with improved service changes and increased recycling.

As pioneers in quality machines, with a reputation for continued investment in R&D that has seen the vehicle evolve over the years in many ways, our dedicated team of design and technical engineers constantly strives to make our machine the safest and quietest.

We pride ourselves on making our machine a true investment and, with new models and re-emerging favourites currently in build, now is an ideal time for any council looking for help in increasing their recycling rates to drop us a line and see how we can help you.