Right Waste, Right Place campaign teams up with Dsposal

The ‘Right Waste, Right Place’ (RWRP) campaign, which aims to educate businesses on their waste responsibilities, has announced a new ambassador for the cause – green tech start-up Dsposal.

The campaign, launched in 2016, primarily targets SMEs and raises awareness of the Duty of Care legislation that comes with owning a business, whilst providing information as to how organisations can meet these obligations. It is sponsored by a variety of waste, recycling and environmental groups, including the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management (CIWM), and managed by the Environmental Services Association (ESA).

Right Waste, Right Place campaign teams up with Dsposal
The Waste Crime Panel, left to right Ray Georgeson, Sophie Walker (COO and Co-founder of Dsposal), Jon Hastings, Rachel Scarisbrick, Alistair Paul, Dan Cooke

Dsposal appears to be a solid fit with RWRP’s Ambassador programme, made up of companies that have pledged to raise awareness of Duty of Care responsibilities. A Manchester-based start-up, Dsposal’s website (launched earlier this year) connects all waste producers with a directory of licensed waste companies and provides a ‘Waste Thesaurus’ to help make complex waste codes comprehensible for the general public. The company's founders also appeared on the Waste Crime Panel at RWM on 12 September and discussed how to tackle the problems that come with Duty of Care.

As Sophie Walker, COO and Co-founder of Dsposal, explained: “We wanted to create intuitive software that anyone can use to find the right place for their waste. We think it is vital to make it as easy as possible for people to do the right thing.”

As seen in Dsposal’s recently released report, The Tip of the Binberg, waste crime is a growing problem within the UK. The report revealed that Greater Manchester has an estimated 144 fly-tipping incidents per day, which costs local authorities close to £4.9 million in clearance and enforcement. 

Until now, Dsposal has focused more on residential waste. However, the ESA has stated that 94 per cent of organisations breaking the law on waste are SMEs with 0-50 employees, primarily because businesses are unaware of their own responsibilities – that they must ensure a licensed waste carrier is legally disposing of their waste.

According to RWRP, approximately 56 per cent of UK companies are not fully complying with Duty of Care and related regulations. Public campaigns, along with Dsposal’s software, have the potential to revolutionise this behaviour and drastically cut down on the mismanagement of waste.

Walker said: “By combining our Waste Thesaurus with a directory of the Environment Agency’s licensed facilities, we’ve made it easier for SMEs and the general public to avoid unlicensed operators and meet their duty of care.”

A race against waste

The UK Government has set a 50 per cent waste recycling target for 2020, but waste crime is on the rise throughout the UK. A recent report found total incidents of fly-tipping have increased by 14 per cent in 2016/17 within the capital alone, whilst serious and organised crime within the waste sector is an ever-growing problem that is proving difficult to quash.

Sam Corp, Head of Regulation at ESA and manager of the RWRP campaign, said: ”The number of organisations actively involved with the Right Waste, Right Place campaign, representing a broad range of sectors, shows just how serious an issue Duty of Care compliance is. Therefore, I am delighted to welcome Dsposal as our latest Campaign Ambassador, helping us to raise awareness of waste duty of care and keep waste out of the hands of waste criminals.”

RWRP has recruited a wide variety of organisations from across a range of sectors, including the National Trust, Waste Cap, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK and Gloucestershire Joint Waste Team, but Dsposal will be the first tech company to join the Ambassador Programme.

“Becoming a ‘Right Waste, Right Place’ Ambassador shows we’re committed to our mission to tackle waste crime and support all those in the waste industry operating legitimately,” said Tom Passmore, CEO and Co-founder of Dsposal.

To find out more about the wider campaign, visit RWRP’s interactive website.