Recycling Technologies appoints new Technical Director

Plastic recycling specialists Recycling Technologies has announced the appointment of Marvine Besong to the position of Technical Director as it prepares to commence commercial manufacturing of its feedstock recycling machine, the RT7000.

Besong has almost a decade of experience in the resources and waste sector and has been with Swindon-based Recycling Technologies since 2015, during which time he has played a key role in the delivery of the Beta Plant that the company operates in Swindon as part of the pilot of its RT7000 technology.

The chemical recycling technique used by the RT7000, called feedstock recycling, processes plastic waste that would otherwise go to landfill or incineration. The plastics are turned into a crude oil equivalent called Plaxx, which can be used to make new plastic products.

Recycling Technologies appoints new Technical Director
Marvine Besong
Besong’s focus as Technical Director will be to further enhance the specialist capabilities of Recycling Technologies and to oversee the development of the RT7000 technology as it enters its commercial phase.

The development of the technology has taken major steps forward in recent times, with the first commercial RT7000 machine expected to come online at Binn Farm in Perthshire, central Scotland, at the end of 2019, while Recycling Technologies announced a partnership with Swindon Borough Council to develop a ‘first in England’ advanced plastics recycling facility in the town, which will make use of the RT7000 technology.

Commenting on his appointment, Besong said: “Increasing the sustainability of plastics is one of the most important topics in the waste, packaging and petrochemical sectors and I’m proud to be part of an organisation leading the recycling revolution for currently ‘hard to recycle’ plastics and converting plastic back to oil.

“Recycling Technologies’ goal is to install 1,300 RT7000 machines worldwide, capable of diverting 10 million tonnes of plastic waste from landfill or incineration. Continuous improvement and the development of our technology is key to achieving its vision, starting with our initial fleet of twelve machines. These will be mass-assembled and installed in waste centres, enabling our customers, the waste operators, to improve recycling rates and make cost savings.”

Adrian Griffiths, CEO, Recycling Technologies added: “Marvine is a proven leader and his promotion is testament to his talent and track record in the design and delivery of our pilot Beta Plant. As a valued member of the Recycling Technologies’ team, in his new role Marvine will play a vital part in continuously developing our research centre and the effectiveness of our machines to recycle plastic and convert it to Plaxx.

“Marvine has been essential in the progress of our economically attractive RT7000 machine that converts plastic into a valuable oil and reduces waste to landfill. He is now leading our talented team of engineers and scientists to ensure that our 2019 plans are on time and to the high quality our investors expect.”

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