Recycling, all wrapped up

As one of the sector’s major organisations, WRAP works with businesses, government, and communities in an effort to bring about a circular economy. Charles Newman caught up with CEO Liz Goodwin to find out how it’s going

This article was taken from Issue 81

As with so many of us, Liz Goodwin, the woman now all but synonymous with WRAP, never intended to get into the waste sector (and in fact didn’t necessarily intend to take up a role with the newly-formed Waste & Resources Action Programme when she first interviewed for a position as Director of Materials Programmes). 

What she did intend to do, however, was make a difference. And so when Goodwin, who had studied chemistry at university before completing a PhD in Quantum Theory and Quantum Mechanics, found herself as Environmental Advisor Manager for pharmaceutical giant Zeneca, which was then taken over by agrochemical company Syngenta (a role that entailed being “the company’s conscience”), she decided she wanted something more: “I actually wanted to be able to give something back to society rather more than just doing this job that was helping to make sure that the organisation I worked for stayed legal”, Goodwin tells me. “And so then I saw this advert for WRAP. I’d never heard of WRAP – in fact, WRAP was less than a year old when I joined – and actually I was doing it partly for interview practice, and then I thought, ‘Actually this sounds like quite an interesting job.’”