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Recycle Week to focus on ‘The Unusual Suspects’

The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has called for local authorities and community groups to get involved in this year’s Recycle Week, a week-long awareness campaign to encourage people to recycle more, which will take place on 12-18 September. 

Recycle Week is part of the national Recycle Now initiative managed and funded by WRAP, an organisation that promotes resource sustainability, which is used by over 90 per cent of English local authorities.

Recycle Week to focus on ‘The Unusual Suspects’

This year, the campaign will have the theme of ‘The Unusual Suspects’ and will be focused on household items such as bleach bottles and deodorant cans, which can be recycled but are often forgotten about.

In addition, the campaign, now in its 13th year, aims to highlight the benefits of recycling by demonstrating how to recycle effectively and motivating the public to recycle more at home.

WRAP believes the best way for community groups and local businesses to get involved is by ‘spreading the word’ using social media. It has also suggested that local authorities highlight the event either through features in local publications or radio interviews.

Other suggestions for getting involved include hosting events such as inter-school competitions, recycling 

tours and roadshows or for local businesses to promote the campaign in store with help from a range of campaign materials such as posters and leaflets that are freely available from Recycle Now.

September to become “month of action”

The campaign was originally scheduled for June but clashed with the EU referendum and so was postponed until September. It will now work in partnership with other waste reduction awareness campaigns taking part in September, such as Zero Waste Week and Waste Less, Live More week.

By combining messages between the campaigns, organisers hope that September will become ‘a month of action to encourage people to recycle more, waste less and take up the challenge for sustainable living’.

Zero Waste Week, an annual awareness event for reducing landfill waste organised by blogger and previous Resource Hot 100 winner Rachelle Strauss, will run from 5-9 September and will involve daily emails sent to those who register for the campaign. E-mails will include hints and tips on reducing waste at home and will encourage people to take part to help protect the environment.

Waste Less, Live More week, a annual initiative organised by Keep Britain Tidy, meanwhile, will take place from 19-25 September and will aim to get people involved in the ‘waste less, live more’ challenge through events and activities occurring during the week.

The theme for Recycle Week in Scotland this year is food waste recycling, and during this event the public will be encouraged to request food waste caddies to start recycling their food waste. This will also tie in with ‘The Unusual Suspects’ theme as the items such as aerosol cans and plastic bottles from the bathroom will also feature in the Scottish campaign.

“The best way is to simply spread the word”

According to the Recycle Now animation guide: “Our theme for 2016 is ‘The Unusual Suspects’, where we want to encourage the public to think about all those items like bleach bottles, tissue boxes, deodorant cans, shampoo and conditioner bottles which often get forgotten about when recycling at home.

“There are lots of ways [to get involved], whether you’re a retailer, a local authority, a community group or a school. The best way is to simply spread the word.”

More information is available on the WRAP website