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Recycle Now videos promote 'magic' of recycling

Recycle Now has announced that it will be releasing a series of videos using street magic to demonstrate how recycling metal and glass packaging items can be transformed into new containers.

As part of its Metal and Glass quarterly theme, Recycle Now has created ‘Recycling Magic’, a series of four short videos filmed in a shopping centre and studio; the first of which was released yesterday (9 May).

The remaining three videos will be released this Wednesday (11 May) and Friday (13 May). Friday’s videos include a hidden word that will flash up on the screen, which when put together will form a ‘secret message’ to win Recycle Now’s social media competition. The first five people to reveal the secret message on Facebook and Twitter will get Recycle Now goody bags.

Recycle Now, the national recycling campaign managed by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), estimates that 75 per cent of steel packaging, 60 per cent of glass packaging and 50 per cent of aluminium packaging is currently recycled in the UK.

The campaign’s focus on metal and glass recycling aims to emphasise the different items around the home that can be included in recycling collections.

On its website, Recycle Now describes the effect of everyone in the country recycling one extra aluminium can per person in terms of powering trains – saving enough energy to power an electric train from Leeds to Brighton and back 6,000 times. Additionally, by recycling all the steel the UK uses in a year, it claims that the energy saved could power 135,000 return electric train journeys between London and Edinburgh.

Furthermore, if everyone in the UK recycled all the glass used, Recycle Now states it would save enough energy to chill 56 bottles of wine each day per household. Or just by recycling one extra glass each, it estimates that a dishwasher could be powered in every household.

More information about the ‘Recycling Magic’ can be found at Recycle Now’s website.