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‘Recycle for Dorset’ scheme to reach West Dorset

The Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) is preparing to extend the reach of its ‘Recycle for Dorset’ collection service to include 19,000 homes in West Dorset.

New collection services

‘Recycle for Dorset’ scheme to reach West Dorset

As of next week, residents of Beaminster, Bridport, Charmouth, Chideock, Lyme Regis and surrounding villages will begin to receive information from DWP regarding forthcoming changes to their bin collection services.

The new system, which comes into effect on the 13 July, will see residents receive a larger, 240-litre wheelie bin for mixed recycling (except glass), as well as two separate containers for food and kitchen waste (a 23-litre lockable bin and a 7-litre kitchen caddy). Existing recycling boxes will remain in use as glass-only recycling bins.

The fortnightly dry recycling service will allow residents to recycle a wider range of materials than was previously possible, including plastic bottles, pots, tubs, trays, batteries and aerosols.

An optional fortnightly service for garden waste will also be available on request for the price of £41 a year. Approximately 32,000 households across Dorset have signed up for this service already.

The system will utilise an alternate weekly collection (AWC), wherein dry recycling is collected with one week, and residual waste is collected the other. Food waste will be collected every week.

Help and advice

The DWP will be distributing leaflets throughout the affected areas over the next three weeks. In addition, four roadshows will be held in February to provide residents with a chance to see the new bins and ask questions about the new services. Details of the roadshows are:

  • Thursday 5 February, 10am - 1pm – Bridport, Morrisons
  • Tuesday 10 February, 5pm - 8pm - Beaminster, Public Hall
  • Monday 16 February, 5pm - 8pm - Lyme Regis, Woodmead Halls
  • Saturday 21 February, 9am - 1pm - Bridport, Bucky Doo Square

West Dorset residents will have until 26 February to contact the DWP if they think that the new containers will not meet their household needs.

Recycle for Dorset background

The Recycle for Dorset service launched in October 2012 with the aim of providing a unified service to replace the 12 individual schemes previously in place across the county.

It is hoped that the system will help the council reach 68 per cent recycling by 2019, and save it up to £2 million a year in costs.

It was first introduced in Christchurch and parts of East Dorset, before being rolled out gradually across the county. The introduction of the service across West Dorset constitutes the final stage of the establishment process.

Since introducing the service, Dorset’s recycling rate has risen from 49 per cent to more than 60 per cent. It is now one of the highest performing counties in the UK.

Results so far have been excellent’

Steve Burdis, Director of the Dorset Waste Partnership, said: “This is our fifth and final phase of rolling out the ‘recycle for Dorset’ service. The results so far have been excellent, with big increases in recycling, reductions in landfill waste and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

“We are giving residents the chance to find out more and asking them to contact us before 26 February about their household’s needs so that we can deliver the right containers before July.

“Any change to such an important service as waste collections can take time to get used to. I would encourage residents to read their information, check our website and come to a roadshow to see how it will work for them.”

Find out more about the Recycle for Dorset scheme.

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