Recresco invests in additional air-based glass recycling systems

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Glass recycling company Recresco has recently invested in a further three air-based glass recycling separation systems in addition to its existing one, produced by waste management company Impact Air Systems.

The Impact Air Systems ZAC800The product, named the Zigzag Air Classifier (ZAC800) system, is expected to streamline the efficiency of Recresco’s operations, allowing the company to process high volumes of material.

Following an initial enquiry from Recresco, upon which the separation system was trialled at Impact’s testing facility, the company decided to invest in three more systems.

Eric Gent, Managing Director of Recresco, said: “Impact’s versatile and robust ZAC800 delivers the results we need, not only in ensuring we achieve the highest quality material streams, but it is hard wearing, fully adjustable and never fails to

“The ultimate aim is to divert materials from landfill and the ZAC800 ensures we can do that very well, so much so, we have also had one installed at our Cwmbran site.

“Impact’s sales and after care service is also second to none and we know they are on hand should we need them at all.”

Installed at Recresco’s site in Ellesmere Port, each of the ZAC800 systems handle a different size of material.

Two of the systems process 35-40 tonnes of glass per hour, with a particle size of 12-50mm, one processes 12 tonnes, with a particle size of 7-12mm, and the other processes 15 tonnes per hour, with a particle size of 6-15mm.

The ZAC800 is operated by feeding contaminated material into it, which is then carried into an upward airstream. The lighter contaminated material is lifted by the airstream, leaving the material with a heavier density to be discharged from the bottom.

The new system is expected to produce high-quality material streams, increase revenue from recyclable material and reduce landfill tax, among other things. Impact Air Systems also emphasises the low maintenance costs of the ZAC800.

Dave Lansdell, Impact’s Technical Sales Director, said: “The ZAC800 is in high demand around the world for its efficient separation capabilities at high throughput rates.

“Its parts are hard wearing and long-lasting so maintenance and user operation is minimal. Recresco’s glass recycling sites are impressive to say the least, and we’re really happy they are getting the required results from our systems.”

You can find out more about Impact Air Systems on the company’s website.