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Reconditioned light fittings becoming more mainstream

Recolight has revealed, during their recent event 'Circular Lighting Live 2023', the efforts being taken by UK companies to reuse luminaires and drive towards the circular economy.

Reuse light fittingsThis transition towards the circular economy is highlighted as being largely driven by commercial real estate developers, their architects and their design teams, with luminaires being reused both from retrofit projects and increasingly from entirely different buildings.

Chairman of Circular Lighting Live, Ray Moloney, said: “The reuse of reconditioned light fittings is starting to become mainstream...

“This imaginative new thinking is leading to new business models and the growth of a vibrant remanufacturing sector in the lighting industry. Remanufacturers take used lights, upgrade them to the latest efficient LEDs and wireless controls and then – crucially – warranty them.”

The Circular Lighting Live 2023 conference was held in London last week. Progress towards the circular economy within the lighting industry was discussed by a total of 35 speakers and panellists. This included major clients who had reused luminaires such as Rolls Royce, Cambridge University, The Holburne Museum, Building Craft College and Dublin Port Tunnel.

Reuse in light fittings ‘inspirational’

CEO of Recolight, Nigel Harvey, commented: “It was truly inspirational to see so many examples of organisations that are putting the circular economy into practice.

“The vital significance of the conference was thrown into sharp focus by the deeply disappointing announcement that the Government is watering down key climate action policies.  It is clear given this lack of ambition; it is the corporate sector that must now rise to the challenge.”

Similarly, commenting on the transition to the circular economy in the lighting industry, Tom Ruddell of EGG Lighting added: “There is huge progress in the industry on remanufacturing, increased acceptance of the model and more of a focus on delivering it rather than debating whether it 'can work'.

“CLL has been a fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences as we all transition to circular models.”

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