Quality regulations?

The sampling requirements for the Materials Facility Regulations have been in force for the best part of a year now, but what exactly have they achieved? Resource investigates

This article was taken from Issue 81

Almost a year ago, at the 2014 RWM Exhibition and Conference, Resource asked then-Resources Minister Dan Rogerson what he thought the coalition government’s greatest achievement was in terms of waste policy. The minister briefly hesitated before saying: “I’d like to say we moved some things forward. I suppose I think the MF Regulations coming in will make a real contribution – it’s the start of the process where there’s a real engagement to look at what’s coming through and for everybody to focus on best practice. So, that’s a success.” 

Since that statement, the coalition has, of course, dissolved (with Rogerson ousted along with most of his Lib Dem colleagues in the general election). More importantly (for the purposes of this article), sampling obligations for the Materials Facility Regulations have been in force since October 2014, and so we thought it time to reflect on what the regulations have achieved and whether Rogerson was right to consider them the previous government’s greatest resource achievement…

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