QCR helps turn glass into bricks in the Grenadines

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Glass bottles are being transformed into bricks on the Caribbean island of Bequia, part of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, with the help of UK-based QCR Recycling Equipment.

Bequia, the second largest island in the Grenadines, is using a glass processing machine supplied by QCR to recycle all of the island’s used glass bottles, an idea put forwards by Action Bequia, a charity working on the island to implement sustainable projects such as introducing the island’s first recycling scheme.

QCR helps turn glass into bricks in the Grenadines
The Action Bequia team with the QCR glass recycling machine.

With between two and three tonnes of waste glass produced on Bequia every week, the charity sought a solution to reduce volumes and to turn the used glass bottles into a valuable resource. Following a meeting between the directors of Action Bequia and QCR in the UK, it was decided that the QCR 120i glass processing machine should be deployed on the island to turn glass bottles into tiny, sand-like pieces, reducing the volumes of glass on the island by 90 per cent.

The processed glass is then handmade into building materials, such as bricks and breeze blocks, by 15 members of staff, with the processed glass to replace the regularly imported aggregate usually used to manufacture the blocks.

This has saved money and has reduced the amount of deliveries the island receives from large polluting lorries. It has also lowered CO2 emissions. 30 per cent of each breeze block is made from the processed glass, with around 600 blocks produced each day, sold for 1.80 East Caribbean Dollars (50 pence) each.

Action Bequia Director Tim Parsons commented: "Glass recycling is something we really had to address on Bequia and I'm delighted to say we have found the perfect solution. The QCR glass processor works so well and staff have found it very easy to use."

Neil Holland, Sales Director at QCR, added: “With recycling such a hot worldwide topic right now, it was fantastic to see Action Bequia so intent on improving the island’s glass recycling. The feedback I have received from Tim and the team has been brilliant – not only are they recycling all their glass and reducing their carbon footprint, they are also saving money themselves! Traditionally our glass crushers are used by restaurants, bars and hotels to reduce their glass volumes and save money on bin collections. If Bequia can do it successfully then there is no reason why other countries, islands and of course businesses can save money on glass recycling.”

You can find out more about QCR Recycling Equipment's glass recycling machine on the company’s website.