P&M Pumps invests in demonstration trailer for chopper pumps

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P&M Pumps has invested in a new demonstration trailer to allow it to take its Vaughan Chopper Pumps to sites around the UK in order to demonstrate the on-site benefits of the equipment.

P&M Pumps invests in demonstration trailer for chopper pumps
P&M Pumps new demonstration trailer.
The demonstration trailer features a Vaughan HE4K (four kilowatt) re-circulating flow pump, which is connected to a one-metre-long capacity tank and enables users to test the pump’s unique solids-handling capabilities. All that is required to set up the demonstration is a mains power connection, a water supply and drainage. The live demonstration allows potential customers to see how the pumps operate up close without the limitations of video or the operational restrictions of an exhibition stand.

The Vaughan Chopper Pump has been designed to operate across a variety of applications, such as wet well, dry well, submersible and self-priming. The pump is made up of a series of cutters and choppers effectively shredded slurry being pumped through and prevents blockages in waste and effluent streams by materials such as rags, fat, plastic and other solid or fibrous debris.

You can find out more information about the Vaughan Chopper Pump on the P&M Pumps website.