Petition calls for soft plastic recycling schemes in UK supermarkets

A petition organised by waste innovation company Reworked asking UK supermarkets to set up soft plastic recycling schemes in-store for their customers is gaining traction on

The petition mentions household names such as Sainsburys, Asda and Aldi, demanding a free solution for flexible plastic waste.

Soft plasticsFood product packaging such as packaged fruit and veg, crisp packets, plastic film and carrier bags consists of soft plastic considered 'hard-to-recycle'.

Kerbside recyclers in the UK are yet to offer the service, leaving the duty to manufacturers and retailers.

Some retailers have begun offering soft plastic recycling via in-store collection points, however – earlier this year, Tesco announced a network of recycling points for soft plastic in 171 stores across the South West of England and Wales, whilst Co-op revealed that similar recycling units will launch in 1,500 Co-op stores this month, and 2,300 stores by November 2021.

ReWorked provides these supermarkets with full-service recycling for plastic waste historically considered 'non-recyclable’, such as soft plastic.

Izzie Glazzard, Marketing Manager at ReWorked, commented: "Through innovation and experimentation, we've developed a process to take flexible plastics and remanufacture them into new products.

“We're challenging the impossible and are now seeking to partner with a UK supermarket to bring soft plastic recycling into the mainstream.

“With the UK public becoming more environmentally conscious, creating a free, UK wide accessible scheme for flexible plastics is undoubtedly needed.”