Over 10,000 new Leafield bins at Cardiff University

Leafield Environmental has installed over 10,000 recycling bins at Cardiff University.

The project was initiated with the aim of increasing university recycling rates in line with the Welsh Government’s target of recycling 70 per cent by 2025.

Three Leafield Environmental bins in front of a Cardiff University buildingCardiff University commissioned Leafield Environmental in January, with the company beginning the manufacturing project at the start of the third national Covid-19 lockdown and installing the units by mid-March.

Leafield installed its Environbin Midi recycling bins in academic and administrative buildings, alongside its AquaPod unit for liquid disposal. Each 82-litre bin formed part of a recycling station featuring clear signage and WRAP compliant colour coded labels and lids.

The company’s EnviroStack stacking bins were installed in halls of residence kitchens, achieving a reduced footprint and flexibility to recycle either 32 or 52 litres of segregated waste, consistent with the bins installed in academic and administrative buildings.

The Envirobank 310-litre unit is the latest new addition to the Envirobank collection, and was designed for Cardiff University for their external environments. The unit features a dual aperture to collect segregated waste streams in its two 155-litre wheeled bins.

All new recycling bins installed at Cardiff University are labelled with WRAP compliant colour-coded, bi-lingual labels to avoid contamination.

Units are designed to withstand all weather conditions and everyday use, with the standard unit colour black made from 100 per cent recycled material.

David Manfield, Head of Support Services at Cardiff University, said: “We are really proud to have implemented such a large-scale recycling project at the university, especially at a time of added complications associated with national lockdown.

“What we have achieved through effective partnership working has been phenomenal.  Leafield have been fantastic to work with to launch a range of bins that were suitable for our academic and administration buildings, halls of residence and external environments.

“With funding via the Welsh Government’s ‘Circular Economy’ grant scheme, it was important for us to achieve consistency across all settings to assist us in achieving our waste and recycling KPI’s (aligned with Welsh Government targets) of 70 per cent recycling by 2025 and reducing waste sent for ERF/RDF to no more than 30 per cent.”

Vince Wright, Sales Manager at Leafield Environmental said: “Working with Cardiff University has been incredible;

“We managed to manufacture in-house over 10,000 bins and installed them within two months during the third national lockdown.

“Our recycling bins have given Cardiff University a robust solution that is consistent across the university.”

Manfield concluded: “Despite the pandemic challenges, we managed to get stakeholders across the university involved in this recycling project which has really helped with the implementation. 

“Feedback is incredibly positive and initial indications suggest the increase in recycling rate we were hoping for in every setting. Our students and staff are keen to recycle and support us in achieving our challenging Environmental Sustainability ambitions.”