Novelis commits to carbon neutrality by 2050

Aluminium rolling and recycling company Novelis has announced its commitment to net carbon neutrality by 2050, with interim plans to reduce its carbon footprint by 30 per cent by 2026.

aluminium cans packagingThe targets have been announced as part of a brochure outlining Novelis commitment to sustainability, which sets out the ambition to become the world’s leading provider of low-carbon, sustainable aluminium solutions.

Novelis’s other environmental targets include a 20 per cent reduction in waste to landfills, a 10 per cent reduction in energy intensity and a 10 per cent reduction in water consumption, all by 2026.

The company has said these aims are part of an overarching goal to become a fully circular business, as well as a more diverse, inclusive and safe workplace.

Andy Doran, Senior Manager of Novelis Europe, commented: “As the world’s largest recycler of aluminum, sustainability has always been a core part of our business.

“With these new commitments, we can now move even faster and take bolder actions to create a more circular business model to further ensure the health and well-being of the environment, the safety of our people, and the long-term success of the communities in which we live and work.”

Novelis specialises in producing flat rolled aluminium products and has invested $700 million in its aluminium recycling capabilities over the last 10 years.

Its latest commitments also outline a plan to increase the processing of aluminium and the recycling of aluminium into new products, highlighting the automotive, aerospace and beverage can packaging industries as key sectors to focus the increased usage of recycled aluminium in.

“We look forward to continuing to collaborate with our customers, suppliers, policymakers and other partners to fulfill these commitments and further expand the use of lightweight, infinitely recyclable aluminum to advance our shared sustainability goals and drive us towards a fully circular economy,” Doran added.