Novamont launches Mater-Bi cling film

Italian compostable bioplastics manufacturer Novamont has developed a new cling film made from its Mater-Bi bioplastic.

Novamont's new Mater-Bi cling film
Novamont's new Mater-Bi cling film

The bioplastic cling film, which is compatible with most packaging machines, is designed to be used for the packaging of fresh produce, for large-scale retail trade and large and medium-sized packaging centres.

Novamont claims that the new product has ‘competitive’ technical properties, with strong breathability, high transparency, an anti-fog effect and good mechanical strength.

Whilst conventional plastic film is rarely recycled due to sorting difficulties at materials recycling facilities (MRFs), a lack of markets for sorted film plastics and contamination, Novamont’s family of Mater-Bi bioplastics are compliant with the UNI standard 13432 for biodegradability and compostability and can be recycled along with the organic fraction of waste.

Obtained through proprietary technologies using starches, cellulose and vegetable oils, Mater-Bi bioplastic is processed in industrial composting facilities where it is converted with organic waste into humus, which can be used as a soil conditioner.

“This is a new grade specifically designed for Automatic Packing Machineries”, said Novamont’s Sales Manager Alessandro Ferlito. “The product was tested internally as well as on some packers and supermarkets. The tests were carried out adopting the same process used with more traditional cling films (PE and PVC) and delivered very similar results”.

Moreover, Mater-Bi bioplastic has been found to be fully marine biodegradable within four to 12 months, which the company has said can act as a ‘mitigation factor’ if the product is to end up in the ocean.

Mater-Bi bioplastic is currently used for a range of compostable products, including carrier bags, flexible packaging, plates and cups. The company stepped up production in October 2018 by opening a new Mater-Bi plant in Patrica, south of Rome, increasing production capacity from 120,000 to 150,000 tonnes per year through an investment of €70 million (£58.6 million). 

Novamont has recently launched a new foundation to promote soil health and land conservation, working in collaboration with Turin Polytechnic and the University of Bologna.

The new Mater-Bi cling film will be showcased at organic trade fair BIOFACH 2020 in Nuremberg from 12-15 February (Hall 3A, Stand 521). You can find more information on the Novamont website. 

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