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NLWA Waste Prevention Exchange to focus on Systems Thinking

NLWA Waste Prevention ExchangeThe North London Waste Authority (NLWA) is preparing for its ninth annual Waste Prevention Exchange conference, set to take place on 18 May. The event has attracted over 600 registered attendees, making it the largest edition yet. The conference will bring together local government leaders, third sector representatives, innovators in the circular economy, and businesses that are involved in the reduction, reuse, repair, recycling, and waste management sectors.

This year's conference agenda is highlighting the concept of systems thinking, a comprehensive approach to problem-solving that views 'problems' as parts of an overall system. Councillor Clyde Loakes, the NLWA Chair and conference host, pointed out the importance of a broader perspective for achieving sustainable waste management. He said, “We know north Londoners are committed to reducing their waste, but to truly make a difference, we need to prevent waste across the whole economy.”

Expert speakers at the conference will provide insights into the application of systems thinking in waste prevention. Sarah Burns, Innovation & Sustainability Coordinator at Bristol Waste Company, and an academic guest from Plymouth University will discuss why systems thinking is critical for achieving sustainability and how local governments can adopt this approach.

In addition to systems thinking, the conference will examine the role of behaviour change in waste prevention. Jake Reynolds, Associate Advisor at The Behavioural Insights Team, will discuss how to motivate local residents to make more sustainable choices. This aligns with the evidence-based behaviour change theory that NLWA is incorporating into its waste prevention strategies.

This year's conference, which is free to attend and will be held virtually, is open to anyone interested in sustainability. Councillor Clyde Loakes noted, “With this year’s line-up of speakers, the ninth Waste Prevention Exchange is shaping up to be a platform for sharing ideas and discussing systems thinking."

The conference represents a significant effort by the NLWA to promote systems thinking and the circular economy in waste management. Those interested in these topics can find more information on the NLWA website.