Straight to unveil new multiple-stream recycling container

3BoxStackRecycling container manufacturer, Straight plc, will unveil its answer to efficient multiple-stream recycling when it exhibits the 3BoxStackTM at the RWM Conference this September.

The box hopes to answer the problem many householders cite as the main obstacle to multi-receptacle kerbside-sort collections: too many containers, taking up too much space. The three colour-coded, vertical-stacking containers of the 3BoxStack can be mounted to a durable trolley for wheeling to the kerbside, reducing both the amount of space and effort involved in separating out recycling streams.

“The need for the product came from customers who were asking for a multi-container system that could be easily moved to the kerbside”, Jonathan Straight, CEO of Straight plc told Resource. “We worked with these customers to develop a solution that met their needs. The initial designs were for two containers and this subsequently evolved over various product versions into the three-box system we have today.”

Straight went on to identify several key benefits the system can deliver to the householder:

  • Reduces the need for any lifting as the unit does not need to be carried to kerbside
  • The trolley makes the whole unit mobile and ensures that only one journey is needed to transfer collected materials to the kerbside
  • Reduces the need for assisted collections
  • Maximises source-separation potential but takes up minimal space
  • Materials can be placed in the boxes through the apertures without having to lift/separate the boxes
  • Boxes can be colour coded or labelled for ease of use.

“A fundamental part of our success has been our ability to identify key industry trends and anticipate significant market changes. We use this skill to optimise waste opportunities and develop sustainable and effective waste and recycling solutions which help our customers”, said Straight.

The convenience of the product stretches from the customer to local authorities, added Straight: “[The 3BoxStackTM] is an ideal solution which will enable local authorities to benefit from more rapid collections, better quality of material and a higher yield. As a customer-focused organisation, many of our future developments will echo forthcoming needs”, he said.

Straight plc will also be showcasing its new 16-litre food waste container, Canto Caddy, that can sit inside or outside any wheeled container.

More information on Straight plc’s products can be found on its website.