News in brief 18/03/16

Ealing Council pursues 160-tonne fly-tippers

News in brief 18/03/16
Waste dumped on Warren Farm
Officers from Ealing Council are hunting the people who dumped more than 160 tonnes of waste on Warren Farm in Southall.

The council has already established that the waste came from Ealing addresses and from neighbouring boroughs. The council says that those who dumped the waste, and the householders who allowed their waste to be cleared illegally, will now be pursued and legal action considered against them. Ealing is working with the Environment Agency (EA) and other west London councils to identify those responsible, who, if convicted, could face fines and legal costs of amounting to thousands of pounds.

Following the offence, the council has reminded householders that they have a legal responsibility to ensure that their waste is disposed of properly. People carrying out household clearances or DIY projects must ensure that they either use one of the council’s services, a council-approved skip company or a reputable waste clearance firm that is registered with the EA.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, Cabinet Member for Transport, Environment and Leisure, said: “The vast majority of householders want to do the right thing with their waste, but unfortunately, there are a few that are prepared to use disreputable, illegal companies and individuals just to save themselves a few pounds.

“The message that I would like these residents to receive loudly and clearly is that someone always pays in the end and at the moment all Ealing council tax payers are footing the bill. However, we are in the process of identifying those responsible for this environmental crime – the people who dumped the waste and the householders that it originated from – and we will be pursuing them all to recover our costs.

“I would ask all of our residents to stop and think the next time someone knocks at their door and asks to clear their waste. Ask for their details so you can check if they are licenced. If they are not licenced, they will be taking your waste and dumping it in our green spaces, parks and rivers regardless of what they say to the contrary and what can seem like a cheap deal at the time could ultimately end up costing you thousands of pounds in fines.”

More information on waste and recycling in Ealing can be found on the council’s website.


Chambers invests in Aldershot plant

News in brief 18/03/16
Chambers Waste Management has completed a major investment in refurbishing its recycling facility at Aldershot, Hampshire, creating employment for eight people.

The site was formerly a transfer station where waste was stored before being transferred to other facilities for processing, but the latest investment has seen the installation of a state of the art recycling plant which enables the company to efficiently segregate paper, wood, cardboard, plastics, aggregate and both ferrous and non-ferrous metals on site.

Any non-recyclable residue from the plant is taken to Chambers Waste Management’s recycling facility in Guildford, Surrey, to be baled and wrapped to produce a high quality refuse-derived fuel product – thus achieving 100 per cent diversion from landfill.

Emma Chambers, finance director at Chambers Waste Management, said: “Our new Aldershot recycling centre has greatly enhanced our environmental credentials. It enables us to meet demands for recycling services while streamlining our operations – by cutting down on the number of lorry journeys between our sites, increasing recycling rates and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

“Eight new jobs have been created including the role of site manager and waste operatives, taking the total number employed at Aldershot to 10. As a local family-run business, we are particularly pleased to be bringing a boost to the Aldershot economy.”

More information about Chambers can be found on the company’s website.


Dundee purchases 1,000 bins

News in brief 18/03/16
The Egbert Taylor Group has announced that Dundee City Council is to purchase over 1,000 bins as part of its latest recycling service rollout.

Under Taylor’s voucher scheme, one of the components of the company’s new Taylored Solutions programme, organisations purchasing new bins receive a £5 voucher per unit to reinvest in the group’s spare parts, accessories and refurbishment services. The scheme means that Dundee City Council now has over £5,000 to invest in the ongoing maintenance of its Taylor bin fleet.

Jeff Halkett, Assistant Waste Services Manager at Dundee City Council, commented: “The pressure for local authorities to achieve more for less has never been so acute, and for this reason, when it comes to procurement, Dundee City Council is looking for value from suppliers that’s over and above the traditional process of purchase and supply.”

The council’s latest purchase is part of its commitment to improve its domestic recycling services across the city. The bins supplied by Taylor will manage the waste of the city’s multi-storey developments and its kerbside collection requirements.

Kevin Docherty, Area Business Manager at the Egbert Taylor Group, added: “We want to make the process of purchasing bins as seamless and as accessible as possible. Taking an asset management approach to bin fleet management means that we build a loyal customer base at every end of the purchasing spectrum, from bins that fall under the ‘Taylor Approved’ range to those that sit within our ‘New Build’ portfolio. Whilst we want to retain our position as a successful manufacturer, we also want to mitigate the financial impact associated with large-scale procurement.”

More information about the Taylored Solutions programme can be found on the Taylor website.