News in Brief – 09/07/20

Andigestion gains international accreditation for health and safety systems

Food waste recycler Andigestion has received an international accreditation for its occupational health and safety management systems at both its Gloucestershire and Devon plants.

Superseding the company’s previous OHSAS 18001 accreditation, the ISO 45001 award recognises the company’s commitments to improving employee safety, reducing workplace risks and creating better, safer working conditions at both its anaerobic digestion (AD) sites.

Andigestion's Holsworthy plant in Devon.
Andigestion's Holsworthy plant in Devon.
Andigestion’s two sites in Holsworthy and Bishop’s Cleeve recycle a combined total of up to 110,000 tonnes of Gloucestershire and the South West’s household and commercial food waste each year. Through its AD process, the Holsworthy plant produces enough electricity to power 6,000 homes per day, while Bishop’s Cleeve, through the production of biomethane gas which is fed into the national grid, contributes enough energy for around 10,000 homes a year. The by-product of the process from both plants, a liquid biofertiliser, is used by local farmers as a sustainable alternative to carbon-intensive chemical fertilisers.

Last month, Holsworthy was certified under the ABDA-managed Anaerobic Digestion Certification Scheme (ADCS), becoming one of just three UK plants to hold the accreditation. Bishop’s Cleeve is also set to be assessed for ADCS accreditation.

Mike Lowe, Operation Director of Andigestion, commented: “Naturally we’re delighted to achieve this accreditation which acknowledges the high health and safety standards at both our sites, and gives employees and customers the reassurance that we work to the very highest levels required.

“I’d like to thank our on-site compliance teams and all members of staff across both sites who worked hard to achieve ISO 45001 and who deliver the very highest standards of operational excellence every day.”

For more information about Andigestion and their plants, you can visit its website.

Wastefront announces UK plans for its first tyre waste recycling plant

Norwegian tyre waste recycling company Wastefront has confirmed that its first tyre waste recycling plant will be located in the UK.

Founded in Oslo in 2019, Wastefront converts disused tyres into useful commodities to be reutilised in processes such as alternative fuel or ground rubber manufacturing. End-of-Life tyre (ELT) waste continues to grow, with an estimated 29 million metric tonnes of vehicle tyres reaching the end of their lifespan each year, representing a major cause of pollution due to their non-biodegradability.

Pile of tyre wasteIn 2003, the EU Landfill Directive made it illegal to dispose of whole tyres, with the addition of shredded tyres in 2006. Many EU countries, however, are exporting tyres abroad to nations with fewer restrictions, undermining the effectiveness of tyre disposal directives.

Tyres are not naturally biodegradable due to a complex blend of materials, and deposits of ELT in landfill sites result in the leaching of toxins into the soil and surrounding water tables. In some countries, landfill sites can be a breeding ground for the spread of malaria and Zika virus, a hugely underreported ramification of global ELT.

Wastefront aims to offer industrial recycling of tyre waste that provides a profitable business proposition whilst offsetting carbon emissions. Its proposed UK plant will break down ELT into liquid hydrocarbons and carbon black, which can be re-utilised in alternative fuel manufacturing or rubber production.

Maria Moræus Hanssen, newly appointed Chairperson of the Board and former Deputy CEO and COO at Wastefront, said: “For many years, end-of-life tyres have represented a problem for which there have been no long-term solutions available that combine innovation with economic viability.

“An important element in bringing about circular economies and sustainable waste handling is to handle waste locally. The UK is a global centre of industry, which makes it an ideal location for our first plant. The plan is to then expand across Europe as the technical solution and business concept continuously evolves.”

You can read more about Wastefront on the company’s website.

London Victoria begins trial aiming to hit 85 per cent recycling target

Britain’s second busiest railway station, London Victoria, has started a trial aiming to recycle 85 per cent of all waste created on the site.

Aerial view of Victoria StationWorking with train operators and waste specialist The Green Block, the station has set up a unit to take all contaminated rubbish from across the site and prepare it for collection and recycling. The trial began on 28 June, and is set to continue until December. The results will then be evaluated to see how much waste at Victoria has been recycled.

The waste ‘journey’ after disposal will involve manual segregation, cleaning and preparation for collection at the station. Waste will be collected and transported to a recycling partner, where it will be prepared for reuse and sale to manufacturers.

Nicole Cohen-Wray, Stations Director for Network Rail Southern region, commented: “We’re really excited about this trial and this is a big opportunity to reduce our environmental footprint. All scheduled trains that use our station are electric, but we know it’s not enough just to provide environmentally-friendly transport – that would be too easy! We’re doing everything we can with our colleagues at Southeastern and GTR to make our station sustainable, and a green ambassador for the railway.”

Adam Williams, Co-founder and Head of Transformation for The Green Block, added: “We are absolutely delighted to be supporting Network Rail in this innovative management of waste trial. The project has been planned for many months and seeing the project rolled out at one of the largest transportation hubs within the UK, is a fantastic achievement. Together we are going to change the culture and behaviours towards the management and recycling of waste.”

Valpak announces new partnership with mental health charity Springfield Mind

Environmental compliance provider Valpak has announced that it will be donating £5 to the mental health charity, Springfield Mind, for every battery recycling box ordered this month (July). Aiming to increase battery recycling in the UK, Valpak offers a free battery collection service, and is hoping to issue upwards of a thousand new boxes during this month’s campaign.

Founded in 1985, Springfield Mind supports individuals in Warwickshire and Worcestershire with their mental health and wellbeing. The money raised will be used to support the charity’s MoodMasters programme, a 12-week workshop for anyone living with low mental wellbeing or mental ill health, providing strategies for managing mental health more effectively. Currently, the programme is delivered to anyone aged 16 and over, however, it is hoped that this could be developed for children and younger people with the help of Valpak’s fundraising.

15k Battery BoxSpringfield Mind Deputy SEO Jo Min comments: “Springfield Mind is extremely excited to have been chosen as Valpak's charity for the “Power To Do More Together” campaign. We look forward to working with them to not only raise funds for our fantastic MoodMasters programme, but also raise awareness around mental health and managing those difficult times. The support from Valpak couldn't have come at a better time. New challenges and changes affecting everyone at this time means that our ability to deliver more MoodMasters sessions is going to be invaluable in supporting our communities to stay mentally well - thank you!”

Valpak’s CEO, Steve Gough, added: “Valpak has a long history of supporting organisations which like Springfield Mind are committed to helping people with their mental health and wellbeing.  It’s nice on this occasion to also be partnering a local charity and at a time when the challenges presented by mental health issues have for many become even more acute.  We’ve noticed a decrease in battery collections over lockdown and are keen to reinvigorate this. We'd like to think this partnership is a real win-win. The more batteries we recycle the better it is for the environment and the more money we raise for this fantastic organisation.”

You can read more about Valpak and its battery collection service on the company’s website.

Latest AMCS Platform release widens technology accessibility for SME

Cloud technology company AMCS has launched its latest digital platform aimed at the waste and recycling industry.

AMCS Platform 8.3 widens options for pre-configuration, significantly reducing implementation time and associated costs. This will particularly benefit SME operators, by increasing the accessibility of waste and recycling technologies.

Tech truckDesigned to make companies more agile through greater automation, enhanced integration capabilities and improved user experience, AMCS 8.3 builds on a release earlier this year which was focused on increasing company efficiency.

Key features of AMCS Platform 8.3 include a new Reporting and Analytics work centre, redesign and process optimization of Contract Management and Pricing Engine, redesigned Materials Work Centre with optimised Inventory Management, Production Shifts and Material Sales capabilities, and REST API providing secure and reliable integration of processes and data between operators’ on-premise, cloud and third-party applications.

Elaine Treacy, Global Product Director at AMCS, comments: “AMCS Platform guarantees companies a strong foundation from which they can proactively anticipate future developments. Its integrated solutions help customers to leverage their key value drivers enabling them to increase revenue growth, margin expansion, operational efficiency and sustainability, while at the same time reducing costs.

“Now more than ever, organisations need to be able to predict and rapidly adapt to market shifts and this release delivers exactly that. For example, the new features in 8.3 that focus on analytics and connectivity help our customers to create a more agile business,” added Treacy.

“The new self-service reporting capabilities together with AMCS Datamart and AMCS Platform Connectivity provide greater insight into businesses, while delivering connectivity and integration capability based on industry standards. Overall, this release demonstrates that AMCS Platform is built for change and innovation creating a competitive edge for its users,” she concludes.

For more information about the new AMCS Platform release, you can visit its website.