New WRAP Recycling Locator widget simplifies access to local recycling information

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has launched an upgraded online tool for the public to identify where to recycle a wide-range of materials

WRAP's online Recycling Locator, which enables users to see local places to recyclable materialsWRAP has unveiled its new Recycling Locator - a web application which can be embedded on websites of local authorities and signatories to WRAP’s voluntary agreements, enabling users to quickly find information on where to take specific waste materials for recycling in their area.

Originally launched in 2015, the upgraded Recycling Locator features a more user-friendly design and improved functionality, making it easier for people to access the information they need. The new widget has been optimised for use on all screen sizes, ensuring that it is accessible to a wide range of users.

Key improvements include clearer presentation of what can be recycled at home based on a user's postcode, behaviour change nudges, links to additional resources, and hints and tips sections. The tool also offers campaign promotion opportunities, such as highlighting Recycle Week.

WRAP has been working to enhance the Recycling Locator's underlying structure, fixing data issues and implementing processes to maintain data quality. The charity has soft-launched the tool on its website and will begin transitioning current users to the new version over June and July.

Craig Stephens, Senior Campaign Manager at Recycle Now, commented, "The Recycling Locator is an extremely popular resource that thousands of people use every month. We are delighted to update the design and improve its functionalities and relaunch it in time for summer. Now, wherever you are in the UK, you have the latest recycling information right at your fingertips."