New Taylor-backed bin rental company to ‘reinvent’ container fleet management

A flexible new bin solution for organisations ranging from private sector contractors to local authorities has been launched by Tamco, a new company backed by the Egbert Taylor Group.

New Taylor-backed bin rental company to ‘reinvent’ container fleet management
The company, which has been created ‘following an exclusive partnership with the Egbert Taylor Group, the UK’s largest container manufacturer, will enable customers to to rent high-quality waste containers instead of buying them.

Through this model, Tamco (Taylor Asset Management Company) says it is ‘reinventing’ waste container fleet management, with the intention of lessening the upfront capital cost of purchasing waste containers and enabling companies to tailor expenditure on containers to income or usage, turning waste containers into an operational rather than a capital expenditure.

“It is hard to escape the fact that waste containers represent a significant capital outlay and one that is often required at the start of a new contract, or in situations where container-related expenditure has not been allowed for,” says Tamco Director Richard Sanders.

“By redefining the traditional waste container supply model and enabling clients to rent containers, not only do organisations mitigate their risk but also release significant funds that can be invested elsewhere.”

The company says that it hopes that the model will help to improve customers’ cash flow management and enable them to affordable scale their waste management requirements around organizational and contract growth.

Through the partnership with Egbert Taylor, containers and bins from Taylor’s Continental portfolio, Sellers’ range of skips, front- and rear-end loaders and specialist containers, as well as BibBelly’s solar powered street bins, will be available to rent.

On welcoming the new entrant to the market, Brendan Murphy, CEO of Egbert Taylor Group, added: “We fully support Tamco’s commitment to making high quality containers more accessible whilst providing organisations with the flexibility to scale their waste management fleet accordingly. Tamco will now ensure that quality products are available using a more flexible rental approach, which will no doubt help our customers to become more agile in the process.”

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