New members join the Advisory Committee on Packaging

The Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP) has appointed three new members representing the retail, glass and waste management sectors.

Advisory Committee on Packaging appoints new members
Stuart Hayward-Higham of SUEZ recycling and recovery UK will be representing the waste management sector
The ACP aims to provide industry expertise to government to assist policy development on packaging reuse, recovery and recycling, and its members come from across the packaging chain, including representatives from trade bodies, compliance schemes, reprocessors and local authorities.

The most significant of the appointments is that of Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director of SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, who has been appointed for the waste management sector. ACP Chair Phil Conran (Director of consultancy firm 360 Environmental), said: “Stuart brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the committee from his many years of involvement in resource recovery.”

The new appointment from the retail sector is Kevin Vyse, Senior Packaging Technologist and Circular Economy Lead at Marks and Spencer, where he has been since 2013, while Valli Murthy, who has seven years’ experience at the British Glass Manufacturers’ Confederation, where she works as the circular economy advisor, will be representing the glass sector on the committee. Murthy replaces Rebecca Cocking of the same organisation.

Conran commented on the importance of the ACP in light of the government’s upcoming Resources and Waste Strategy, which is expected later this year. He said: “The government is under intense pressure to produce a range of practical initiatives in the Resource and Waste Strategy, including revised packaging waste regulations options post-2020.

“ACP members bring a unique capability to this challenge through the combination of expertise from a wide range of stakeholders in its membership and will be meeting regularly over the next few months to ensure that workable, sustainable and environmentally optimised options are presented to Defra for consideration.”

The ACP is split into four Task Forces, to consider:

  1. The costs for producers under proposed Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements;
  2. Opportunities for improving consumer communication on packaging waste recycling;
  3. Packaging-related opportunities within the debate on the European Circular Economy Package; and
  4. Whether the environment agencies are delivering optimal enforcement of the Packaging Waste Regulations. 

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