New carton recycling campaign launched

The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and Environment (ACE) UK has launched a new campaign to increase carton recycling in the UK.

re:cartons recycling campaign launchedThe ‘re:cartons’ campaign, launched to increase the effectiveness of ACE UK’s communications with local authorities and encourage more recycling to be taken to the UK’s first dedicated carton recycling facility, has been designed to be consumer-friendly, and help authorities directly engage with local residents about carton recycling.

At the moment, 57 per cent of the UK’s local authorities collect cartons for recycling at the kerbside, however ACE UK says that this could be further boosted.

As such, re:cartons has a ‘toolkit’ that aims to help local authorities engage with local residents, and includes: downloadable communications resources including fact sheets, posters, and videos; free promotional giveaways such as fridge magnets and pencils; and an interactive map of the UK showing the beverage carton recycling services available in each area, highlighting authorities which have already signed up to recycle cartons at the UK recycling facility.

‘Still much to do’

Fay Dashper, Senior Recycling Manager for ACE UK, said: “Working closely with local authorities and waste management companies, we have achieved significant progress in increasing carton recycling in the UK over the last eight years, but there is still much to do.”

“We decided to create a clear, easy to understand identity that everyone could immediately associate with beverage carton recycling as a platform to promote carton recycling across the country.

“Through this new identity we hope to increase the appeal and impact of our communications and improve new understanding among our key audiences.”

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