Mushroom supplier to pay charity over £50,000 for breaking packaging regulations

The Environment Agency (EA) has accepted an Enforcement Undertaking (EU) from Walsh Mushrooms Group, which recently breached packaging recycling protocol through failing to register under the Producer of Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007.

The Worcestershire-based fresh mushroom supplier will make a payment of £54,880.33 to the Marine Conservation Society to make amends for the failure to comply with regulations.

Marine Conservation SocietyThe Environment Agency states that Walsh Mushrooms, which has handled nearly 9,000 tonnes of packaging from 2007-2017, is responsible for failing to recover and recycle packaging in accordance with guidelines.

The company admitted that it had not registered under packaging regulations between 2007-2017 and had failed to implement proper recycling practices.

The EA issues EUs to address violations of environmental legislation.

They act as legally-binding agreements, and are proposed by businesses that have contravened such laws as an alternative to prosecution or monetary penalty.

The legislation is designed to ensure companies take a responsible approach to packaging materials, through establishing that the offending business begins working within the set rules.

EUs also involve the company making a financial contribution towards a suitable environmental project which helps protect, improve or protect the natural capital of England.

Beth Haste, a regulatory officer for the Environment Agency, commented: “Enforcement Undertakings are an effective enforcement tool used by the Environment Agency to enable businesses to address breaches of environmental legislation and contribute to environmental projects.

“We are increasingly using this method of enforcement for suitable cases to bring businesses into compliance with environmental legislation and requirements, and to protect the environment.”

“However, we will prosecute or impose monetary penalties in appropriate cases.”

Jenny Griffiths, Education Manager for the Marine Conservation Society, said: "The enforcement undertaking from Walsh Mushrooms is being used to research, design and create new education materials to inspire action and ocean friendly behaviours from consumers and businesses throughout England.”