Method Recycling provides flexible office recycling

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Method Recycling’s new recycling bins for offices aim to provide a visible yet flexible way to divert waste from landfill and increase office sustainability.

Method, co-founded by Steven and India Korner, is a long-term sustainability partner of Atlassian, Foster and Partners, the Sydney Cricket Ground and more. Over three years the company has refined its products through holding focus groups, preparing prototypes and even assisting cleaners on night-shifts to gain the greatest possible knowledge of what was required from its products.Method Recycling provides flexible office recycling

This work went into producing the company’s colour-coded and Method bins, which it is hoped will prompt behaviour change and increase recycling uptake. The bins connect together to form adaptable recycling stations that can be moved or expanded as a client’s office space changes. A patented Bag Retainer System holds liners in place and hides them from sight for a discreet finish.

Commenting on the product, Shamal Singh, Global Office Architect at online graphic design and publishing platform Canva, said: “Since finding Method, we now have a waste solution that complements our aesthetic, is clear to the team, neat and scalable for our fast growing company.”

See more about how Method can help on the company's website or get in touch with its UK team.