Lyndex Recycling launches next-gen 2-ram baler range

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Increasingly accurate separation and segregation of material recycling fractions have led high-volume baler and machinery supplier Lyndex Recycling Systems to introduce a second-generation range of 2-ram balers, offering new levels of versatility and throughput for MRF operators, as well as metal and plastic reprocessors.

Lyndex Recycling launches next-gen 2-ram baler range Designed and manufactured in the UK and available in five different models, the Lyndex Ram II is a medium-range baling solution developed to work with multiple waste streams including OCC, Paper, PET and HDPE, steel cans and non-ferrous metals, through to mixed solid waste and RDF.

The five machines are available in a choice of size and footprint, with a main ram press force ranging from 80 to 160 tonnes, to match different waste streams as well as volume, speed and throughput requirements. Advanced hydraulics operating at 4500 psi (315 bar), as opposed to more typical 2500 psi (175 bar) to 3000 psi (215 bar), enable the Lyndex Ram II to operate with a smaller diameter main cylinder, reducing the footprint of the machine, yet delivering equivalent or increased press force and ram speeds.

The manufacturer says that versatility has been a key design focus for the new 2-Ram range, with its operator interface equipped with a 16-material grade ‘recipe’ system that allows machine operating parameters to be changed at the touch of a button to suit the particular recyclate being processed.

Doug Lord, Sales Manager at Lyndex Recycling Systems said: “While two-ram machines offer the highest compressive force, there is often a trade off in throughput. We have developed the Lyndex Ram II family of machines to provide a truly powerful yet versatile baling solution that delivers the compressive force of the two ram design, but with features to deliver cycle times more akin to channel balers.

“The new range will out-perform the ram speed and baling cycle time of any other two ram balers of equal horsepower on the market. They offer a number of low maintenance design features, 16 pre-programmed baling modes and a range of options to suit most production environments.”

More information can be found on the Lyndex Recycling Systems website.