Lidl GB launches Scottish food waste initiative

Lidl GB unveiled a new initiative with Love Food Hate Waste Scotland to prevent household food waste yesterday (30 July), as stats show over 1.8 million Scots are shopping without a list, contributing to 60 million meals being wasted every month.

The partners will be launching a series of food waste-free shopping lists to help Scots plan better, save money and fight the climate crisis, alongside additional guidance on food storage and creative ways to use up leftovers.

Lidl x Love Food Hate Waste Scotland - Great Taste No WasteThe campaign, ‘Great Taste, No Waste’, comes as a YouGov poll reveals that 56 per cent of Scots are now feeling more stressed about their food shop since the onset of the pandemic. It is hoped that, through the use of the lists, Scottish families will enjoy more sustainable, great tasting meals, accompanied by a stress-free shopping experience.

Covering breakfast, lunch and dinner, the meal plans feature easy-to-make family favourites such as spaghetti bolognese and new dishes to try like nasi goreng, Greek yoghurt pizzas and fish finger tacos.

Commenting on the launch of the initiative, Lidl’s Regional Director for Scotland, Ross Millar, said: “With almost two thirds of Scots shopping less often than before, the nation has certainly embraced the weekly ‘big shop’.

“By partnering with Love Food Hate Waste Scotland, we are continuing to support the changing needs of Scottish families as they navigate this new world.

“The ‘Great Taste, No Waste’ initiative aims to show Scots how shopping with a list can reduce household food waste, help feed your family delicious meals, and still provide the Lidl promise of fantastic value for money.”

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland, which delivers Love Food Hate Waste Scotland, added: “Food waste is a major contributor to climate change. When we waste food, we waste all the resources and care that went into growing, transporting, packaging and cooking it. And, if wasted food ends up in landfill, it emits methane, a potent greenhouse gas that is many times more damaging than carbon dioxide.

“Preventing avoidable food waste could save the average Scottish household £437 per year, so there’s a real cost saving to be made.

“The ‘Great Taste, No Waste’ list and meal plan will take the stress out of mealtimes while providing an easy way for families to reduce their own food waste at home. Saving perfectly good food from going to waste is something we can all get on board with.” 

Launched by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) in England, Love Food Hate Waste challenged overbuying of food in 2019 through its ‘Spoiled Rotten’ campaign, providing consumers with advice to prevent the purchase of excess food through measures such as taking a picture of fridge shelves – a #FridgeShelfie – before shopping trips.

This year, WRAP issued updated guidelines on ‘Best Before’ and ‘Use By’ dates, pressing retailers and businesses to look beyond the ‘Best Before’ date to increase the amount of food available for redistribution to those who need it.

Whilst WRAP found a drop in food waste during lockdown, with consumers adopting more ‘food smart’ behaviours, a report released by the organisation this week observed a 30 per cent increase in self-reported food waste as lockdown continues to ease. In light of these figures, WRAP launched its ‘Keep Crushing It’ campaign to encourage the public to continue positive food management behaviours established during the pandemic.

To read more about the Great Taste, No Waste initiative, or to view the shopping lists and meal plans, you can visit Lidl’s website.

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