Leafield Environmental hails cup recycling bins a ‘success’

Wiltshire-based bin manufacturer Leafield Environmental has hailed its range of coffee cup recycling bins as ‘successful’, having supported a number of coffee cup recycling schemes over the past few years.

One such scheme, which won a national recycling award in January this year, was the #LeedsByExample campaign run by environmental charity Hubbub in 2018.

Bristol Waste binLeafield Environmental’s range of ‘coffee cup-shaped’ Envirocup Grande bins, which were designed to be identified quickly in high-footfall areas, supported both the Hubbub scheme and Bristol Waste Company’s ‘For cup’s sake’ recycling campaign in January 2020.

The Envirocup Grande bins, with its lid made from 100 per cent recycled plastic (subject to availability), have been designed to collect cups through six circle apertures and lids through a separate single aperture.

Empty coffee cups are stacked inside collection tubes for ease of emptying and cleaning, and there is also a removable central reservoir feature for up to 7.5 litres of excess liquid.

The Envirocup Grande bin is orange in colour and graphics can be moulded in during the manufacturing process to minimise the chances of dirt getting trapped in the graphics. 

For larger volumes of coffee cups, Leafield Environmental also launched its Envirobank cup bin as part of the #LeedsByExample campaign.

The Envirobank bins, which also supported Edinburgh’s first on-street cup recycling scheme #InTheLoop in December 2019, have a total capacity of 240 litres and a double-hole aperture to collect cups.

Philip Maddox, Managing Director at Leafield Environmental, said: “We understand the growing need to recycle single used coffee cups ‘on the go’ and in office and food service environments.

“That’s why we launched the Envirocup Grande cup bin, a unique ‘coffee cup shaped’ bin for people to recycle used coffee cups easily.

“It was designed and manufactured by our in-house team in Wiltshire and launched with Hubbub as part of their #LeedsByExample coffee cup recycling campaign.

“Following its success, we are delighted that more cities like Bristol are using our distinctive cup bin to increase coffee cup recycling. We have also launched a Envirobank cup bin to collect larger volumes of coffee cups as part of the #LeedsByExample campaign and Edinburgh’s #InTheLoop coffee cup recycling scheme.”