KPFF launches OOPS! retail operation to reduce food waste

OOPS!, the new retail operation of frozen food supplier KPFF, has launched its first two stores in Preston and Bolton, with plans to roll out a further 30 stores around the UK in 2021.

The new retail operation focuses on selling surplus food that would otherwise go to landfill when it is still edible.

An OOPS! food storeFood becomes surplus for simple reasons such as over-production, retailer and food service delists, labelling or packaging errors, underweights, goods having slight imperfections or a short shelf-life. All of these factors contribute to the increasing amounts of food waste, for example, of the 1.9 million tonnes wasted in the food industry every year,  250,000 tonnes are still edible – equating to nine meals for every child living in poverty in the UK.

Elaine Stevens, Technical Manager of OOPS!, said: “We have to stop sending perfectly good food to waste simply because it has an imperfection on the packaging or there has been an error in the manufacturing process and it no longer complies with retailer’s specifications. 

“OOPS! provides another option for manufacturers and retailers to stop their food waste going to landfill and help feed more people in crisis in our communities. Every item we buy, we give a new lease of life to.

“At OOPS! we fully understand food manufacturing, supply chain and retail processes and the challenges within them. We have therefore developed and built an operation of our own that strips surplus retailer own-label, branded and food service products, repack and label them at our purpose-built site in Liverpool and then sell them direct to customers in our new stores at incredible prices.”

OOPS! currently works with several manufacturers, including Midland Bacon.

Chris Cox, CEO of Midland Bacon, commented: “We’re proud to be part of an expanding portfolio of manufacturing and retail partners that are truly committed to reducing landfill, helping more low-income households feed their families and delivering great food at the right price.”

“OOP! offers a service that ensures all removal of our current packaging and any or all intellectual property rights prior to selling products whilst also disposing of all the packaging in accordance with the appropriate Waste and Retailer standards.”

OOPS! is aiming to promote conversation and collaboration between manufacturers and retailers in the UK to explore other ways of reducing waste through increased redistribution.

Noel Davis, CEO of OOPS, adds: “Now is the perfect time to act, as the impacts of COVID-19 and a second lockdown are felt across the country, more and more families are struggling with access to affordable, nutritious food.

“We are here to help deliver sustainable solutions to this challenge – it is crucial that at every stage of the food chain we find ever more effective ways to collaborate. We are offering a long-term solution, not a short-term fix.”

OOPS! has plans to open two more stores before Christmas in St Helens and Warrington.