Kerbside collections boost ACE UK carton recycling in Wiltshire

Wiltshire Council’s recent move to kerbside carton collection has substantially boosted the number of cartons it now collects for recycling.

Across 2017/18, nearly a million cartons were collected for recycling via ACE UK’s bring bank collection programme. However, since moving to kerbside collections in August 2018 the number of cartons collected has soared. 

Kerbside collections boost Wiltshire’s carton recyclingMandy Kelly, Senior Recycling Manager for ACE UK, explained: “In the eight months since kerbside collection has been in place, the amount of cartons sent for reprocessing from Wiltshire has risen to 100 tonnes – some five million cartons – more than the preceding three years combined!”

All of the cartons collected are recycled at ACE UK’s recycling facility in West Yorkshire, a joint venture between ACE UK’s members SIG Combibloc, Tetra Pak and Elopak and Sonoco Alcore.

Kelly continued: “These fantastic figures speak for themselves and show what can be achieved after less than a year of kerbside collection. By the end of the first full year we expect 150 tonnes of cartons to have been collected, and this is anticipated to rise to 200 tonnes per annum in the second year.”

You can find out more about ACE UK on the company’s website.