Keep Britain Tidy re-launches Tidyman symbol

Keep Britain Tidy re-launches Tidyman symbolNational anti-litter charity Keep Britain Tidy is bringing back a well-known symbol to ramp up efforts to prevent littering in the UK, after an absence of more than a decade. 

The Tidyman was first introduced in the 1960s on bins and packaging, and fast became a nationally recognised symbol, reminding us to put our litter in the bin.

Research by the charity suggests that more than eight out of ten adults can identify the Tidyman symbol and its meaning, making it more recognisable than both the recycling and vegetarian symbols. Despite its nationwide fame, however, litter is still a huge problem, affecting our streets, parks and beaches. A 2015 report from the House of Commons on Litter and Fly Tipping in England states that best estimates place the cost of littering to the taxpayer at between £717m and £850m per year. 

Working in partnership with design agency Conran Design Group, Keep Britain Tidy has reinvigorated the brand, giving Tidyman a new look, whilst keeping the symbol true to its origins. Reintroducing the Tidyman alongside a clear messaging campaign, KBT hopes that everyone will not only understand what he stands for, but also actively follow his example.

The logo has been brought back to create a unified identity for the charity’s various campaigns and programmes, including The Big Tidy Up, the Centre for Social Innovation, the Green Flag Award and BeachCare.

To mark the return of the Tidyman, a life-size model has been seen out and about in London, a reminder to passers by of the importance of keeping our streets clean. TV presenter and Keep Britain Tidy Ambassador Kirstie Allsopp posed for pictures with Tidyman, while out supporting the campaign.

Keep Britain Tidy re-launches Tidyman symbol"Tidyman symbolises the action we should all be doing – putting our rubbish in a bin,” Allsopp said. “It’s not rocket science, but if we all did that one thing our country would be a cleaner, more attractive place. I am delighted that Keep Britain Tidy is giving him a new lease of life and to have had the opportunity to give him a hug!”

The charity is urging businesses to support litter prevention by adopting the Tidyman symbol onto their packaging, encouraging their customers to put their litter in the bin.

Allison Ogden-Newton, Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy, said, “Keep Britain Tidy believes the Tidyman should stand for something – our country’s desire to clean up its act and cut the billion pound bill for clearing up the tonnes of litter that is thoughtlessly dropped every day... He symbolises a single action that can make a big difference.”

More information about Keep Britain Tidy can be found on the charity’s website.

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