INEOS Styrolution project targets recycling to produce ABS plastics

Styrenics supplier INEOS Styrolution is set to team up with sustainable waste management company Indaver in a project aimed at producing ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastics from recycled feedstock.

Keys of a keyboard made from ABS plasticThe project is expected to run for four years and will be funded by the European Union through the EU LIFE programme, which provides funding to resource efficiency projects.

INEOS Styrolution is a subsidiary company of INEOS, which is chaired by Sir Jim Ratcliffe, a vocal leave campaigner in the run-up to the 2016 Brexit referendum. Most of the work for this project is expected to take place in Antwerp, Belgium, with the project having access to a maximum of €3.2 million, according to the EU Grant Agreement.

The project will aim to demonstrate the environmental and economic benefits of using recycling technologies to produce ABS plastics. ABS plastic is commonly found in a range of everyday appliances, including the keys on a computer keyboard, the plastic faceguard on wall sockets and LEGO toys.

ABS plastic is widely considered to be a more durable and longer lasting plastic to commonly-used alternatives such as PVC. As well as being an entirely recycled plastic compound, it is easy to recycle itself and is considered a food grade thermoplastic, compliant with food contact regulations.

Initially starting with work in a demo plant, the project will aim to upscale its research into ABS plastics to a commercial solution before its conclusion.

Dr. Alexander Glück, President EMEA at INEOS Styrolution, said: "We are excited about this project as we believe there is intrinsic value in plastics products after usage.”

“We share the vision with Indaver to turn plastic waste into valuable resources instead of letting it end up in landfills."