INCPEN joins OPRL as latest guarantor

On-Pack Recycling LabelThe On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) scheme is continuing its rapid expansion as INCPEN (the Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment) is the latest organisation to become one of its guarantors.

OPRL Ltd coordinates the UK’s most-used recycling label scheme for packaging, providing information to consumers about how likely it is that their local authority will accept different materials for recycling. With more than 600 brands now using the labels on their products, the scheme has grown rapidly in the past year, having only opened its membership to the wider packaging supply chain in September 2017.

In August this year, Ecosurety became the first compliance scheme to join forces with OPRL, closely followed by Valpak in September, in order to build closer links between their membership bases and ensure a fully aligned service for members on the labelling and recyclability of their packaging.

INCPEN is a cross-sector research organisation aiming to make packaging more sustainable in the UK. As OPRL is a non-profit company limited by guarantee, INCPEN will provide backing to the scheme but has no controlling interest. It joins the four current guarantors ACE UK (the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment), CPI (the Confederation of Paper Industries), LARAC (the Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee) and RECOUP.

Paul Vanston, Chief Executive of INCPEN, commented: “Over the last year INCPEN has been asked to step up into a leadership role in working across the whole packaging value chain on legislative reforms. Clear and unambiguous labelling on packaging to enable the public to recycle easily was a clear recommendation to the Secretary of State. INCPEN is now reinforcing our own strong belief in this recommendation by becoming a guarantor of OPRL, the industry standard for communicating recyclability.

"We join four superb existing guarantors. Working together with them and across the very strong memberships of OPRL and INCPEN, we stand ready to ensure clear and unambiguous on-pack labelling messages help deliver the UK’s recycling and circular economy targets.”

OPRL Chair Jane Bevis added: “This further extension of our guarantors to include INCPEN underlines the central part OPRL has to play in a broad collaboration of business seeking to deliver sustainable packaging solutions. At this time of unprecedented change in the policy and regulatory environment it is vital that business speaks with one voice in shaping an evidenced and coherent raft of measures supporting the growth of a circular economy in packaging and packaging materials.

"This closer relationship with INCPEN in its leading role in developing policy enables us to feed our perspective into their thinking, and to draw on their expertise and insight into the ongoing debate. We, in turn, will look to develop the right tools to support members in responding to the policy agenda, delivering more recyclable packaging ranges and engaging consumers more effectively in recycling that packaging.”

In support of its mission to improve and simplify packaging recyclability, OPRL launched an online tool to help producers properly label their packaging. This is based on its ‘Materials Matrix’, a table for checking the recyclability of 371 combinations of packaging components and materials. Users can input the materials used and then download and print the correct label direct from OPRL.

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