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An improving index

Despite stutters in recycling figures, Eunomia’s third Local Authority Recycling Carbon Index (included with this issue of Resource), shows the carbon figures associated with household collection are improving. Simon Hann has more

This article was taken from Issue 80

Now in its third year, Eunomia’s Local Authority Recycling Carbon Index aims once again to shed some light on what household recycling collection services are achieving in carbon terms through avoided disposal and need for virgin materials.

Carbon calculations based on WasteDataFlow information for 2013/14 show a more encouraging picture than in 2012/13. The carbon performance of recycling services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have all improved, which is particularly welcome given the previous year’s performance dips in both England and Wales.

In England, 63 per cent of authorities’ recycling services improved in carbon terms. Northern Ireland fared even better with 77 per cent of authorities showing an improvement, and in Wales the picture was better still with a full 81 per cent showing an upward trend.