Illuminating Sustainability: LIA and Recolight's 2024 Net Zero Conference

The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) and lighting compliance specialist Recolight have announced that the Net Zero Lighting Conference 2024 will take place in London on May 2nd.

Recolight and LIA announce Net Zero Lighting ConferenceThe one-day event will address how lighting manufacturers can lower their operational carbon emissions, contributing to the wider goal of a low carbon economy.

Experts from the lighting industry and related fields will share their knowledge and best practices for achieving 'net zero' emissions. The aim is to explore how manufacturers can effectively manage and reduce the carbon footprint associated with luminaire production.

The conference will focus on the different tactics for minimising environmental impacts, and the balance between reducing carbon, energy, and waste while maintaining product quality and customer satisfaction. In doing this, it will explore the immediate actions necessary for carbon reduction and the long-term challenges that companies may face in this journey, including the benefits of lighting remanufacture.

This pivotal event, to be held at 15Hatfields Conference Centre, will feature a comprehensive agenda that covers various aspects of net-zero manufacturing. These include strategy, materials, energy, packaging, and best practices, as informed by key industry players and experts.

Speakers for the Net-Zero Lighting Conference

Both organisations emphasise the practical steps that lighting manufacturers can undertake to reduce carbon emissions across all operational facets. This collaboration between the LIA and Recolight reflects the critical importance of sustainability in the lighting industry and leverages their combined expertise.

Commenting on the plan to hold the event, Nigel Harvey, Recolights CEO said: “2023 was the hottest year ever recorded – we all know that the climate crisis is the defining issue of our generation. Every organisation needs to be working towards net zero. But the challenge is significant. Recolight are delighted to team up with the LIA to help our industry get to grips with this vitally important task.”

Ayça Donaghy, The LIA CEO added: “The LIA are pleased to announce our collaboration with Recolight as we collectively drive the industry to achieve Net Zero.

“The move to a net zero economy is no longer an option, it is an imperative. Specifiers and customers are increasingly demanding substantiated proof of green claims, be they embodied carbon, circular economy capability or wider life cycle assessment. Governments will not be far behind. Manufacturers need clear routes to follow, expert help and cross industry coordination.

“Now is the time to move from speeches to action, where auditing carbon becomes as second nature and as comparable as our audited financial accounts. What you can measure you can manage. Net zero is our responsibility.”

By joining forces on this issue, the LIA and Recolight will help the members of both organisations and the wider industry as they seek to fully decarbonise.

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Event to take place in London on 2 May will explore how to reduce waste, energy use and carbon emissions in the lighting industry.

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