Hubbub to take anti-litter campaign to forests around the country

As the latest step in Hubbub’s #LoveYourForest campaign, the behavioural change charity has launched a new Inspiration Guide to encourage communities across the UK to tackle woodland littering.

The front page of Hubbub's new Inspiration Guide

First launched in 2016, the #LoveYourForest campaign is based in the Forest of Dean, and has seen a variety of activities rolled out across the Gloucestershire forest to motivate visitors to take their litter home.

The campaign has included eye-catching messages, such as the ‘Communitrees’ project, where local school children created faces from recycled materials to remind visitors not to litter.

Between 2016 and 2018, 11,000 people have been involved in the campaign, including 16 schools and 38 local businesses, collecting over 800 bags of litter.

The campaign is run in partnership with Lucozade Ribena Suntory, the Forest of Dean District Council, Forestry England, Foresters’ Forest, as well as local artist Glenn Redwood and Wye Valley and Forest of Dean Tourism.

‘Spread the message’

With the launch of its new Inspiration Guide, Hubbub is now looking to move the campaign further afield, encouraging others to follow in the Forest of Dean’s footsteps by keeping their local woodland clean.

The guide includes a range of tips and inspiration ideas – such as workshops and posters – to be used by anyone, from local authorities to community groups, who want to run a #LoveYourForest campaign in their local woodland.

Trewin Restorick, CEO of Hubbub, said: “Our partners in the Forest of Dean have allowed us to get really creative with interventions that have proven hugely successful in engaging people with Love Your Forest.

“Now we know what works, we’d love to spread the message and further reduce rural littering. Our guide is packed with tips and tools, whether you’re just looking for a couple of simple ideas or want to plan your own full-scale Love Your Forest campaign.”

Councillor Chris McFarling, of the Forest of Dean District Council, added: “Love Your Forest is an excellent initiative which has enabled us to involve the whole community and look at different ways of working to tackle the litter problem.

“Not only that, but with its emphasis on having fun, we’ve found that residents and visitors of all ages have readily engaged with us. In time, we hope the impact of the campaign will show a clear reduction in the amount of rubbish being dropped that falls to the Council to collect.

“This guide contains the very best of the ideas that have worked for us, making it a brilliant resource for anyone who is facing similar challenges.”

With litter costing councils £682 million per year to clean up, the #LoveYourForest campaign is just one of Hubbub’s initiatives to help tackle the UK’s litter problem.

Hubbub’s previous anti-litter campaigns have included the charity’s #PlasticFishing project, which collects litter from the UK’s waterways using boats made from 99 per cent recycled plastic, and the #LeedsByExample initiative, which works with Leeds City Council to encourage consumers to recycle on the go.

To find out more about the #LoveYourForest campaign and download the Inspiration Guide, visit Hubbub’s website.

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