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Eifion Williams (NEW)
CEO, Circular Economy Wales
'He's a hard-working visionary.'
Williams is Founder and CEO of Circular Economy Wales CIC and has also been at the forefront of rolling out the new Green Shed network in Wales and is Co-designer of the Zero Waste Schools Wales pilot. 



Clare Ollerenshaw (RE-ENTRY)
Circular Economy Manager, Resource London, LWARB
'A force of nature and a true change maker!'
Ollerenshaw is the Circular Economy Manager at the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB). The aim of this role is to co-ordinate and write a route map that identifies policy recommendations and actions that will accelerate the transition to a circular economy in London.

Resource article(s):
Plan unveiled for London to become a world-leading circular economy


Edward Hibbert (58)
Chair of Directors, Freegle
'He is inspirational in driving Freegle forward.'
Hibbert is Chair of Directors at Freegle, which aims to encourage reuse by providing a platform for people to exchange unwanted items.



Wayne Hubbard (36)
Chief Operating Officer, LWARB
'He is making London a world leader in the circular economy.'
Wayne has been CEO of the London Waste &and Recycling Board (LWARB) since August 2011, and oversees the day-to-day running of the organisation. With over 20 years' experience in the waste industry, he also sits on the London Green Fund Investment Board as Vice-Chair.

Resource article(s):
Plan unveiled for London to become a world-leading circular economy


Liz Goodwin (40)
Director, World Resources Institute
'Perseverance and commitment to making a difference.'
Former WRAP CEO, Goodwin is now the World Resources Insititure's first Senior Fellow and Director, Food Loss and Waste. She also serves as Chair of the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB).

Resource article(s):
Recycling, all wrapped up


James Piper (86)
Managing Director, Ecosurety
'He is really challenging the industry and the status quo.'
Piper leads ecosurety, a compliance scheme and resource efficiency specialist that has recently developed a crowdfunding platform aiming to increase transparency in the waste industry.

Resource article(s):
Ecosurety and Danone partnership to increase UK recycling investment


Mark Burrows-Smith (NEW)
'Mark inspires others to lead and not just follow.'
Burrows-Smith has been CEO of WEEE compliance scheme REPIC since 2016 having previously spent eight years with Viridor.


Margaret Bates (4)
Professor of Sustainable Waste Management, University of Northampton, and former CIWM president
'Margaret consistently speaks sensibly and passionately about waste and resources.'
As Professor of Sustainable Waste Management at the University of Northampton, Bates plays a crucial part in educating and developing waste knowledge.

Resource article(s):
New CIWM President sets sights on improved reuse systems


Beth Simpson (92)
Senior Consultant, Anthesis Group
'Always fighting for more responsible plastic use.'
Simpson has over 13 years' experience in the resource management sector, delivering significant operational insight and knowledge to waste management companies and local authorities.



Hot 100
Nigel Lee (RE-ENTRY)
General Manager, Amur
'A real motivator, taking food waste for renewable energy to a new level.'
Lee has been General Manager at Amur since 2014, setting up the anaerobic digestion business for parent company AB Agri.

Resource article(s):
Amur launches 24-hour AD feedstock test


Russell Owens (42)
Head of Collaborative Change Programme, Welsh Government
'The unsung hero of Wales' recycling success!'
Owens leads the Welsh Government's Collaborative Change Programme, working to help local authorities reach recycling targets.

Resource article(s):


Susan Harris (RE-ENTRY)
Technical Director, Anthesis Group
'Her commitment to tackling the world's waste problems is second to none.'
Harris is a Technical Director at Anthesis Group who brings a wealth of experience in resource efficiency, sustainable supply chains, clothing durability and the built environment sector.



Zoe Lenkiewicz (71)
Head of Programmes and Engagement, WasteAid
'She has an unfaltering energy and passion for finding solutions.'
Lenkiewicz is the driving force building WasteAid’s international community. She advises and advocates for better waste management globally, leads fundraising and awareness raising events, attracts sponsorship and delivers powerful WasteAid projects. Lenkiewicz was chief author of the award-winning WasteAid toolkit, and shares recycling skills in Africa and Asia to create jobs, protect public health and prevent plastic pollution.

Resource article(s):
More overseas waste aid needed to combat ocean plastics, says CIWM


Shlomo Dowen (9)
National Coordinator, UK Without Incineration Network
'He gives an alternative viewpoint.'
Dowen is the head of the UK's grassroots anti-incineration network, working towards zero waste and encouraging community engagement.

Resource article(s):
UK WIN-ner: An interview with Shlomo Dowen


Paul Vanston (46)
'All round top guy of resources and waste.'
A champion of waste as a resource, Vanston was head of Kent Resource Partnership before moving to help establish a partnership in Cambridgeshire. He now heads up the packaging industry organisation INCPEN.

Resource article(s):
UK Plastics Pact aims to transform plastics industry by 2025


Jane Beasley (41)
Director, Beasley Associates
'Jane always produces high-quality work and is very professional.'
Beasley runs a consultancy working mainly with local government across the UK, on a range of issues including waste partnership development.



Helen White (RE-ENTRY)
Special Advisor, Household Food Waste, WRAP
'A passionate advocate for food waste reduction.'
White is a food waste prevention expert who has been with WRAP for the past four years having previously worked with Resource Futures.


Michael Dowd (NEW)
Procurement Manager, Amur
'A trustworthy waste professional who will help solve any problem.'
Dowd has been with Amur as Procurement Manager for just over a year and has 28 years' experience in the industry.


Michael Taylor (47)
Managing Director, Mitie
'Pushing the boundaries of resource reuse.'
Taylor is the Managing Director at Mitie’s waste business, providing sustainable facilities, property and energy management to a number of public and private-sector clients.



Dick Perry (60)
Strategic and Operational Support Manager, WRAP
'An encyclopaedia of knowledge on recycling.'
Perry is Strategic and Operational Support Manager at WRAP, working to improve resource management to create sustainable economies.



Graeme Milne (NEW)
Managing Director, Katalyst Business
'Graeme has a wealth of experience in his field.'
Milne founded Katalyst Business Consulting Limited in 2016 and has over 15 years of successful commercial business experience in the waste and recycling sector.



David Greenfield (32)
Managing Director, SOENECS
'David's knowledge and enthusiasm are second to none!'
Greenfield acts as adviser to local authority waste partnerships, local and central government for SOcial, ENvironmental & EConomic Solutions Ltd, and is a Director for reuse service Freegle.



John Twitchen (48)
Director, en23
'Honest, forthright and intelligent.'
In 2016, Twitchen set up consultancy env23 to focus on working with organisations that are part of the transition to a low carbon, sustainable circular economy and supporting developments in the sustainable infrastructure space.

Resource article(s):
Charging Ahead


Ray Georgeson (20)
Chief Executive, Resource Association
'He's the man when it comes to resources; knowledge, passion and commitment in spades.'
As Chief Executive of the Resource Association and an independent consultant, Georgeson is never far from the waste and resources conversation.

Resource article(s):
Bold government leadership needed on plastics in wake of China waste ban


Debbie Hitchen (43)
Associate Director, Anthesis Group
'The go-to person for businesses with plastic waste issues to tackle.'
Hitchen is the lead for the Waste and Resources Sustainability UK team within Anthesis.



Julian Parfitt (22)
Resource Policy Advisor & Practice Leader, Anthesis Group
'The walking waste encyclopaedia!'
Parfitt joined Anthesis Group in May 2014 and is an acknowledged and respected expert in the field of resource management and has extensive experience of policy evaluation, quantitative and qualitative research and the statistical analysis of waste and resource flows.



Victoria Hutchin (NEW)
Associate Waste and Resource Management Consultant, WYG
'A passionate, considered and forward thinking contributor to the industry.'
Hutchin has over 12 years' experience in the waste management sector and has drawn praise for her work, appearing in the top three of the 2018 35 under 35 Awards for waste management.



Natalie Fee (64)
Founder, City to Sea and Refill Bristol
'Pioneer in encouraging people to stop buying water bottles.'
Fee is an award-winning campaigner and founder of City to Sea who started the #switchthestick campaign and successfully persuaded all major retailers to only stock cotton buds made from paper instead of plastic. She has continued to work tirelessly to reduce marine litter including work on reusable menstrual products and reducing single use plastic bottles.

Resource article(s):
Can community refill schemes like Bristol's help solve plastic waste crisis?


Adam Read (25)
Director of External Affairs, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK
'Never afraid to challenge the norm. Dynamo!'
Read is a recognised authority on waste management strategy, with a global reputation as an innovator in municipal strategies and recycling. As a member of the Suez UK recycling & recovery senior management team, he is responsible for responding to government consultations, leading on a range of business related PR and marketing activities, and enhancing the brand of the business through media engagement. He sits on a number of key industry working groups through the ESA and CIWM, and is currently an RWM Ambassador.



Anna Scott (29)
Waste Services Manager, Keep Britain Tidy
'Hard working and committed to her beliefs.'
Scott manages Keep Britain Tidy's Waste Services Team, delivering community engagement projects designed to decrease waste and increase recycling.



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