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Elena Dieckmann
Elena Dieckmann (NEW)
Director and Co-founder, Aeropowder
'Innovative ideas for an underappreciated waste stream.'
Formed Aeropowder in 2016 with Ryan Robinson to explore the potential uses of waste chicken feathers.


Robbie Staniforth
Robbie Staniforth (NEW)
Head of Policy, Ecosurety
'Passionate and knowledgeable.'
Staniforth first joined Ecosurety in September 2011 and was made Policy Manager in January 2018 and represents the views of Ecosurety's members to government, regulators and industry organisations.
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Janet Gunter & Ugo Vallauri
Janet Gunter & Ugo Vallauri (18)
Co-founders, The Restart Project
'They've taken Right to Repair towards policy – and the Restart Project is bloody brilliant.'
Gunter and Vallauri co-founded London based social enterprise The Restart Project, which is taking on the consumer electronics industry at a grassroots level. They initiate community fixing events where volunteers help others mend and maintain their appliances and devices in order to reduce waste and consumption.
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David Allen
David Allen (RE-ENTRY)
Managing Director at Recycling Lives
'Very well spoken ambassador and has a lot of time for everyone.'
Allen is Managing Director of Recycling Lives Compliance Services, a unique Producer Compliance Scheme. The business is part of the national Recycling Lives Group, which comprises national waste management, recycling, car salvage, compliance and recruitment businesses, and is unique in using its commercial operations to support and sustain its own charity and social enterprise. 


Linda Crichton
Linda Crichton (59)
Head of Resource Management, WRAP
'Linda has been central to the consultation on packaging reform.'
Crichton has been at WRAP since 2004 and is currently Head of Waste and Resource Management covering work on reuse and recycling.


Dan Roberts
Dan Roberts (NEW)
Vice Chair, LARAC
'Dan has a genuine passion and flair for influencing improvements in waste collections and recycling.'
Roberts is Vice Chair or LARAC and Waste Management Officer at South Staffordshire District Council.


Natasha Epstein (NEW)
Chairperson, Waste Network Chairs
'Her passion for the industry and her ethical beliefs have never waned!'
Epstein has worked in local authority waste for over 17 years and is Chair of the Association of London Cleansing Officers (ALCO).


Trewin Restorick
Trewin Restorick (12)
Founder and CEO, Hubbub
'Hubbub is fun and effective.'
As Hubbub CEO, Restorick has overseen a range of trial behaviour change campaigns, tackling issues like litter, food waste and coffee cup recycling.


Sarahjane Widdowson (RE-ENTRY)
Principal Waste Management Consultant, Ricardo
'A passionate industry ambassador – with the most comprehensive collection of bin photos known to mankind!'
Widdowson has been Principal Waste Management Consultant with Ricardo since 2010 and serves as a trustee for CIWM and WasteAid.


Brian Mayne (98)
Regional Director Wales, Ricardo
'An invaluable asset for the resource efficiency sector.'
Mayne is responsible for project direction and management, business development and technical delivery across a range of resource efficiency areas for Ricardo Energy and Environment. He has developed a range of procurement template documents for WRAP and Zero Waste Scotland' and developed good practice guidance for procurement of waste management services for the Further Education and Higher Education sector in Scotland.


Gwen Frost (100)
Development and Sustainability Manager, Bristol Waste Company
'Passion and energy to get the right thing done!'
Frost has been at Bristol Waste Company for the past three years after joining from Eunomia, and took the lead of the 'Slim my waste, feed my face' food waste recycling programme in Bristol.


Debbie Nesbitt (RE-ENTRY)
National Adjudicator Northern Ireland, TidyTowns
'A great personality and has helped so much with TidyTowns.'
Nesbitt has over 14 years' experience in resource management and holds the position of adjudicator in the annual TidyTowns competition in Ireland, helping communities develop sustainable approaches to reducing waste.


Hannah Blythyn (96)
Deputy Minister for Housing and Local Government, Welsh Government
'She has taken on the waste brief in Wales with enthusiasm and a desire to listen and learn.'
Appointed as Environment Minister in November 2017 and maintaining the resources and waste brief as Deputy Minister for Housing and Local Government, Blythyn has got to work continuing the good work of the Welsh Government on waste and resources.

Resource article(s):
New Environment Minister in Wales as Griffiths has portfolio altered


Professor Rob Holdway (24)
Director, Giraffe Innovation Limited
'Always a refreshing perspective and a creative approach.'
Holdway is founder and Director of Giraffe Innovation specialising in eco-design, life cycle analysis and the circular economy. Rob was Project Director of the WEEE Man - a sculpture made from the amount of electronic waste we each discard in one lifetime, and presented a Channel 4 programme DUMPED where people lived on a landfill for three weeks. 


Allan Sandilands (NEW)
Principal Consultant, Resource Futures
'Great guy, enthusiastic and committed to making a positive change in our world.'
Sandilands joined Resource Futures in 2016 as Principal Consultant and specialises in circular economy and resource efficiency business engagement within the construction, public and third sectors.


Libby Peake (26)
Senior Policy Advisor (Resources), Green Alliance
'Making waves and driving policy on resource use.'
Peake works to ensure that the government is giving due consideration to key risks regarding policy on waste and resources, particularly in the build up to Brexit.

Resource article(s):
Resource efficiency fastest way to cut carbon emissions, new report claims


David Palmer-Jones (6)
CEO, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK
'Inspirational leader in the waste industry.'
Since joining SUEZ in 2008, Palmer-Jones has led a transformation of the business by promoting the circular-economy to optimise resource use.



Sam Taylor (19)
Recycling Coordinator, St Nicks
'Always goes that extra mile, not just for recycling but for people too – a true community service!'
Taylor is the recycling coordinator at St Nicks, a centre for nature and green living in York created on a former landfill site.


Dame Ellen MacArthur (28)
Founder, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
'Using her platform for the good of the planet.'
MacArthur is the founder of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and encourages thinking and progress on the transition to a circular economy.


Steve Eminton (55)
'Letsrecycle keeps its finger on the pulse.'
Eminton has been the Editor of since 2000 and specialises in topics such as water, housing and recycling.



David Newman (NEW)
Managing Director, BBIA
'David is a strong and determined leader who understands the challenges facing the real world.'
Founded the BBIA in 2015 and has been at the forefront of promoting bio-based alternatives to plastic.



Phil Conran (56)
Director, 360 Environmental
'Rapid informed responses to changes in the world of waste.'
As well as directing 360's compliance services, Conran is Chairman of the government's Advisory Committee on Packaging.



Andy Hill (RE-ENTRY)
Chair, Wood Recyclers' Association
'Expert in his field and a lovely bloke to boot!'
Hill has worked in the UK’s organics and alternative fuels sectors for more than 15 years and has a particular expertise in the development of alternative fuels for the waste wood, RDF and SRF markets.



Sam Reeve (91)
CEO, Resource Futures
'His passion and effort are a winning combination.'
Reeve was a founding director of Resource Futures and is now CEO, helping clients to implement sustainable business models.



Chris Preston (NEW)
Deputy Directorof Resources and Waste, Defra
'Key driver for policy change at Defra.'
Has taken a leading role in the compilation and publication of Defra's Resources and Waste Strategy.



Hot 100
Iain Gulland (35)
Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland
'Legends don't come bigger than Iain Gulland, a rare strategist in this vital arena.'
In recent years, Gulland has helped deliver Scotland's zero waste and circular economy plans, ensuring that resources are valued and not wasted.

Resource article(s):
Iain Gulland voted most influential person in waste
Kit Strange Memorial Lecture 2015


Adrian Hawkes (RE-ENTRY)
Policy Director, Valpak
'Adrian is an absolute font of knowledge in this industry.'
Hawkes is Director of Policy at Valpak where he is responsible for all aspects of Valpak’s policy development and liaison with relevant enforcement agencies and governments.



Jasper Roberts (RE-ENTRY)
Deputy Director of the Welsh Government’s Waste and Resource Efficiency Division
'Pivotal to Wales' recycling success.'
Roberts is a civil servant and currently works on environment, water, flood and waste and resource efficiency for the Welsh Government.


Lindsay Boswell (7)
CEO, FareShare
'The face of a movement that needs to grow in the UK.'
Boswell leads FareShare, which saves good food and gives it to charities, providing 36.7 million meals in 2016/17.

Resource article(s):
FareShare calls for £15m from government to redistribute food


Sian Sutherland (NEW)
Co-founder, A Plastic Planet
'She's leading the way and holding not just individuals but also companies to account.'
Sutherland is a Co-founder of plastics campaign group A Plastic Planet and has worked tirelessly to keep the issue of plastic waste at the heart of the public news agenda.

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