Hot 100 2018: Who is leading the pack?

Our annual power list of movers and shakers in the waste and resources industry attracted a record number of votes this year. Here, you’ll find the winners from 100 to one, each accompanied by a voter’s glowing review. Read on to discover who has played their cards right and proved to be our Top Trump for 2018 

2017 was a big year for waste and resources. It was the year that top level policy finally started to be shuffled, that high profile media started to bridge the gap between the industry and the public, and that the conversation started to get to the very heart of the issues.

And so, as we do every year, we asked members of the waste and resource industry, and all of those interested in the world of resources (a rapidly growing number), to nominate and vote for those that deserve a place in the deck.

The unprecedented number of votes we received this year is testament to the growing concern and focus on resource issues, a trend that we hope to see continue into 2018.

Your final list can be found below. As with last year, the list shows the variety of ways a person can have an impact on waste: we've got community leaders, politicians, volunteers, campaigners, council officers, innovators, communicators and more. Alongside each name you will find a comment from a voter.

So it's time to lay our cards out on the table, here is your Resource Hot 100 for 2018...


Congratulations to all the stars who were voted onto the list this year.

You can see lists from previous years below.

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