Hellmann’s launches ‘Fridge Night’ app aimed at reducing food waste

To mark this year’s International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, Hellmann’s has today (29 September) launched a new app named ‘Fridge Night’ intended to help UK consumers cut down on food waste.

Food wasteThe app guides consumers on a four-week program which is hosted by chef and TV personality Liam Charles and aims to provide practical tools and tips. The app also includes recipes which hope to be flexible to various ingredients – dubbed ‘flexipes’.

A study conducted by the condiment company and climate NGO WRAP has shown that 48 per cent of people in the UK throw away the same amount of food or more per week this year as last year. It also found that one in three people report throwing away the equivalent of one shopping bag of food per week.

Individuals in Britain are thought to look in the fridge an average of seven times per year, but one in five struggle to think of recipes to use up the contents. 37 per cent of respondents were unsure where to find helpful information on reducing food waste.

Liam Charles, Hellmann’s Fridge Night app Host, said: “I am always in the kitchen, and can be guilty of some food waste and not making the most of my leftovers.

“Working with Hellmann’s to launch the Fridge Night App has been a fun and inspiring project to work on – and has made me really consider how I use food and where I can reduce my waste.

“More than anything, we all know the feeling of looking in your fridge and not knowing where to start. With the help of the Fridge Night App you can turn your leftover ingredients into a delicious, balanced meal – and save food, time and money while doing it.”

Rachel Chambers, Senior Marketing Manager of Hellmann’s, said: “At Hellmann’s, we believe food is too good to be wasted and are thrilled [to] see the launch of our Fridge Night app in the UK, helping to show Brits how they can make their food and money stretch further.

“We’re so pleased to team up with Liam Charles – a known foodie figure that has appeared on TV screens in homes across the UK – to support people in better understanding the impact that reducing food waste can have on the environment and their budgets.”

Richard Swannell, International Director of WRAP, said: “According to our research, 85 per cent of people report that their food bills have increased, however, people are still wasting the same amount of food (or more) than last year.

After years of research, we understand that the barriers to reducing food waste are complex. However, easy, practical shifts in the home can make a big impact – not only to our wallets, but also to the planet.”