Glasdon launches range of stackable recycling bins

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Designer and manufacturer Glasdon has launched its new range of stackable recycling bins and waste containers.

By designing bins that are compact and stackable, Glasdon is rolling out its Nexus Stack recycling bins with the aim of helping users save space indoors and recycle more.

Glasdon Nexus Stack recycling bins
Glasdon Nexus Stack recycling bin range
Customers can also choose aperture styles, colours and graphics for their bins, enabling everyone who uses them to create a waste sorting and recycling system that suits them.

The bins are available as a 30-litre container for a single waste stream or as a container split into two 15-litre containers, intended for two waste streams. The bins can also be mounted onto a wall.

Every Nexus Stack unit contains a removable tilt bin, which means the bins can be emptied and cleaned without being dismantled.

The bins are made from Duratec™ material, which contains 40 per cent recycled content and is recyclable.

Neil Gilkes, Sales Manager for Glasdon UK Limited, said: “We have been working on the Nexus Stack recycling bin range for some time now, but we could never have imagined that the timing of the launch would have ever been as fitting as it is now, when more of us than ever are concerned about the part we play in the recovery of our environment.

“It’s our ultimate hope that this exciting new product range offers the flexibility and adaptability that can help more businesses, organisations and households improve their waste sorting and recycling habits and experience, so that not only the volume but the quality of recyclable waste also improves.”