Get ready for Resourcing the Future 2019

Resourcing the Future 12-13 June 2019

Resourcing the Future 2019 is fast approaching, with just over a month to go until waste professionals and policy makers meet in London to discuss the future of the UK’s waste and resources industry.

This year, on 12-13 June, the conference will focus on the government’s Resources and Waste Strategy, which has provided much food for thought since its publication in December 2018. The months following have seen the launch of four consultations into key measures proposed in the Strategy: extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging, a deposit return scheme (DRS) for drinks containers, consistency of kerbside collections and a plastics tax.

As these consultations will close on 12 and 13 May, Resourcing the Future couldn’t come at a better time, giving industry stakeholders and government representatives the chance to share their opinions on what has been an eventful few months for the sector.

The programme is packed with opportunities for networking and debate. Day One opens with a keynote speech from Environment Secretary Michael Gove, followed by a debate on the ‘highs and lows’ of the Resources and Waste Strategy, and a panel discussion on EPR, with speakers including Eunomia consultant Dominic Hogg and Dr Adam Read from SUEZ. In the afternoon, attendees will be able to split off into two streams, looking at either food waste prevention and recycling or packaging design.

On Day Two, the conference will get its teeth into the challenges of secondary materials markets, collections consistency and new waste crime technologies.

The event is put together by the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management (CIWM), the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), the Environmental Services Association (ESA) and the Resource Association. Commenting on the programme for 2019, Jacob Hayler, ESA’s Executive Director, said: “As we all know, Defra is currently consulting on some of the most profound changes to our recycling framework that the UK has perhaps ever seen.

“[All the proposals in the Strategy] will significantly impact all stakeholders from across the value chain. Local authorities will receive more funding from producers – as well as promised cash from central government – but will also be subject to greater constraints on how they deliver their services. Producers will be asked to pay more money in, and will also be incentivised to change their products and packaging to make them more recyclable and to use more recycled content. And recyclers will need to raise both the quantity and quality of recycling that we do.

“In this context of radical change, the timing of this year’s Resourcing the Future couldn’t be better. It will give the perfect opportunity for different stakeholders to come together, learn from each other’s perspectives, and explore how we can all work together to influence the Government’s recycling agenda and ensure that the new systems of the future work for everyone. I hope to see you there.”

To view the full programme and book a place at the conference, visit the CIWM website.

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