Geocycle launches first UK operations

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Geocycle, a worldwide provider of industrial and municipal waste management services, has just launched its UK operations.

Geocycle launches first UK operations
Michael Awanayah and Joe Hudson at the Geocycle launch
Geocycle, which already operates in more than 50 countries, partners with companies to minimise and repurpose their waste in a sustainable way. It recognises that treating waste is outside the core competence of most organisations and can be time-consuming, costly, and expose a firm to major environmental and reputational risk.

Specialising in a unique technique of waste treatment known as co-processing, Geocycle, uses waste-derived materials as a substitute for fossil fuels and primary raw material in industrial processes.

Using the cement kilns, at temperatures of 1,400-2,000 degrees centigrade, the waste is processed, leaving no residue, while recovering useful energy and material. This approach benefits the entire environment as it lessens reliance on fossil fuels, preserves natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Michael Awanayah, General Manager of Geocycle UK, said: “Organisations in the UK are increasingly adopting sustainable business practices, and co-processing provides a practical, cost-effective and environmentally-preferred option to landfills.

“We’re extremely excited to have launched Geocycle in the UK. With operations in Cauldon, Staffordshire and Cookstown, Northern Ireland in the UK and an extensive global network, we look forward to extending our offer to environmentally-responsible companies.”

More information about Geocycle can be found on the company’s website.