Geesinknorba to unveil world’s first all-electric refuse collection vehicle

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The world’s first fully-electric, rear-loading refuse collection vehicle (RCV) is set to be unveiled in January at the Future Fleet Forum in London.

World’s first all-electric refuse collection vehicle to be unveiled by GeesinknorbaVehicle and compactor manufacturer Geesinknorba will present its Li-On Power Pro vehicle at the event, which will take place at the Guildhall on 24-25 January.

Both the chassis, built by Dutch company Emoss, and the body are powered by lithium ion batteries, much like Geesinknorba’s hybrid vehicles. The body uses the energy-saving GPM IV model developed by the Netherlands-based company in 2015.

The vehicle is designed for urban environments with short journeys between collections and short overall routes, aiming to help reduce pollution in built-up areas.

Geesinknorba’s UK Business Director Mick Hill explained: “It is eminently suited to low emission zones as it doesn’t emit any CO2 and NOX gases or particulates associated with health and environmental issues.

“It also hardly produces any noise, making it suitable for late night and early morning collections. Extending vehicles’ working hours helps reduce the fleet size.”

Units of the Li-On Power Pro has already been sold, and Geesinknorba is keen to show off its innovation: “There are fewer parts to go wrong, less wear-and-tear and there’s no diesel or AdBlue to pay for and haul around,” said Hill.

“The limiting factor for the Li-On Power Pro is the amount of energy needed to drive over longer routes when fully laden. But we’ve overcome that to the point where this vehicle is now ready for operation on urban rounds.”

More information can be found on Geesinknorba’s website.

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